Letshego scales up its CSI

SHARE   |   Monday, 11 July 2016   |   By Staff Writer

Letshego has committed to contribute roughly P3.7 million towards the country’s golden jubilee celebrations and to the Vision 2016 pillars. The group estimates to invest half a million Pula annually to the educations sector which involves financial education programme for staff, and group-wide campaigns to address financial literacy and skills development for customers and the general public. Through commitment to education, Letshego will further provide support initiatives to improve financial skills of adolescent and adult learners. Letshego has also made a commitment to invest towards the healthcare system and will invest an estimated amount of P1 million per annum in Botswana into the public healthcare system for low and middle income earners as well as micro and small entrepreneurs. As a result, the company has launched a flagship multi-year Pan-African strategic social investment project as part of the group’s commitment to improve lives.
Letshego says it has focused its efforts on identifying and supporting practical innovation in tackling Non Communicable Diseases through the Healthcare Innovation Programme.

Furthermore Letshego is also participating in supporting entrepreneurial skills development and mentorship programmes as the intention is to build the continent’s leading inclusive finance group.
As part of its financial inclusion strategy, the group is committed to helping rural and under-served customers. The group insists that through its business model, customers in both the formal and informal sector at low and middle income levels as well as micro and small entrepreneurs have received access to fiancé for their education, healthcare, housing, agriculture and housing needs.
“As a result, also we are investing in a series of social enterprise campaigns to encourage our customers to use finance productively – the most inspiring customer stories of how their lives improved will be rewarded in kind to further their entrepreneurial success.” The group has also committed over P1.6 million towards an Environmental and Social Governance programme which will involve baseline study to track the social impact of lending activities to customers.

“This survey aims to determine that the proportion of funds that Letshego disburses is used for productive purposes, such as education, healthcare or business expansion. It will provide quantitative data on our overall social performance, e.g. proportion of customers that reported a positive impact on their well-being as a result of accessing Letshego finance. This survey will be conducted in Botswana, as well as in Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya and Namibia,” said the company. Towards the golden jubilee celebrations, Letshego is putting aside P50, 000 which is to be used for BOT 50 merchandise.