Nine firms in Namibia trade mission

SHARE   |   Monday, 27 March 2017   |   By Shingirai Madondo
Kutlo Moagi Kutlo Moagi

At least nine local companies participated in the just ended trade promotion mission in Namibia. Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC) facilitated the participation of various large and small companies with the aim of providing local companies with a platform to explore export and partnership opportunities in Namibia. BITC, the country’s investment and trade promotion body, explained that the contact promotion mission was in the Namibian Windhoek between Wednesday and Thursday last week. Though the target was to take 10 companies to the trade promotion mission in Namibia, BITC’s Director, Corporate Communication Kutlo Moagi said that only nine companies participated. “Market opportunities do exist for manufactured goods in Namibia. Botswana and Namibia have similar economic structures as both countries export around 80 percent of what they produce and import 80 percent of what they consume,” explained Moagi.

Moagi said the market study carried out by BITC in 2015 identified about 15 products that Botswana is currently producing that can be exported to Namibia. According to Moagi, general consumable products are in high demand in Namibia. Some of the general consumer products are plastic wares such as buckets and containers, brush ware, toilet paper and serviettes, blankets, canvas products and canned and dry pet food, she said. “In the building material segment PVC conduit pipe, wooden roof trusses, door and window frames, protective wear or clothing, fencing poles and general fencing materials are highly needed in Namibia,” Moagi said. Besides general consumer products and building materials, the BITC market study also established that cans for the fishing and meat canning industries, chloride batteries and solar heating equipment are desperately needed in Namibia. She said seven out of nine companies which were part of the mission are in the manufacturing sector and the other two in the service sector.

The companies that participated in the mission are AC Power Design, Makoro Bricks, Aliboats, Hydrosoma, Kalahari Floor Tiles, Horizons Investment, Image Life, Dune Foods and Kulyera Kotlo Investment. Moagi encouraged local companies to venture into manufacturing, as it contributes significantly to economic progression and employment creation in any given country. “Vibrant manufacturing sector can help transform the economy which has traditionally been dominated by primary activities into a modern economy where high-productivity activities in manufacturing assume an important role in the definition of an economic development path,” she said.