TouchRoad Peninsula Gardens

SHARE   |   Monday, 29 January 2018   |   By Phillimon Mmeso
TouchRoad Peninsula Gardens

It is known for its opulent Golf Estate but Phakalane estate will soon add another luxurious estate to its fold as a Chinese company has acquired 25 hectares of land to construct what they termed ‘a city within a city’. Shanghai-based Touchroad International Holdings Group will construct a multi-million project adjacent to Phakalane Estate – in the area linking it to Ruretse – and will be called TOUCHROAD Peninsula International Gardens. Touchroad International company chairman He Liehui said the construction of the project will start next year as they have already completed the design. “The project will cost US$ 50 million and construction is expected to start very soon with its completion in two years’ time,” said Liehui in an interview. On the relationship between Gaborone and Beijing which of recent was sour, Liehui said that as a company which has operated in Botswana for 18 years, they are working well with Botswana authorities. The project will entail villas, affordable apartments, modern houses with designs from among other top countries of France, China, British, a hospital, school and a shopping mall, revealed Liehui.
Touchroad International Holdings Group, which has its foot in more than 20 African countries, according to its chairman is already in talks with some companies to run the hospital upon its completion.
“Some international departmental stores have shown interest to open up after the completion of the shopping mall, “he revealed. The shopping mall will include supermarkets, cinemas, restaurants, cafes and playgrounds, said Liehui, adding that it will create jobs for local. Liehui, who is the Vice-chairman of the Chamber of International Commerce Shanghai, said as a way of promoting green environment, the area will also have botanic gardens and trees along the walkways. As a way of giving to the local community, Liehui said they have partnered with the Chinese embassy in Botswana to offer scholarships to Batswana to study in China. Touchroad International Holdings already operates in 20 African countries across several sectors including commodity trading, mineral resources and tourism.