Stanchart partners with Chinese 

SHARE   |   Thursday, 26 April 2018   |   By Staff Writer
Masupe Masupe

Standard Chartered Bank of Botswana this week engaged the Chinese business community based in Botswana where it shared potential opportunities available to them.

This was also an opportunity for the bank to present its One Belt, One Road proposition to the Chinese community residing here.


The One Belt One Road initiative was launched by China’s president Xi Jinping in 2013 by creating a network of railways, roads, pipelines and utility grids that would link China and Central Asia, West Asia and parts of South Asia.

The initiative is more than physical connections as it aims to create the world’s largest platform for economic cooperation, including policy coordination, trade and financing collaboration, and social and cultural cooperation.


Speaking at the appreciation ceremony in Gaborone on Wednesday, Stan Chart Botswana CEO Mpho Masupe said the bank’s proposition on this One Belt, One Road initiative is that, with the presence of the bank in both China and Botswana, they would want to enable the Chinese community to continue to relate with the brand they are used to when they are back home to continue making seamless transactions.

Having operated here for the past 120 years, Masupe said Stan Chart is ready to make partnerships with just everyone, a relationship which will benefit both partners.


He said this partnership will allow the Chinese to get best-in-class value, adding services as well as allowing them to send money from both sides.

Standard Chartered Bank, which is one of the leading and old banks in the country, says through its in-depth knowledge of the regions’ political, economic and cultural environment together with its comprehensive products and services makes it an indispensable partner in this initiative.


Stan Chart has a presence in 65 markets across the globe, 69 percent of which are in countries along the Belt and Road, and this include 15 African markets and presence in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

The bank believes its global presence enables it to carry out foreign transactions more efficiently and effectively across many markets.


It is said that today transferring US Dollars from a Stan Chart Bank account in Botswana to another Stan Chart Bank account in China takes only 15 minutes when using digital banking platforms and at most two days to other third party banks in all currencies.

The bank also affords its Priority clients to have access to over 250 Priority Centres across the globe offering a premium banking service and recognition and multi-travel insurance cover worth up to USD 2 million every time they travel.


Stan Chart’s state-of-the-art online banking business platform Straight2Bank helps businesses manage all their banking digitally. It offers same day remittance of South African Rand (ZAR) transactions and allows one to remit funds in over 125 currencies.

Masupe said Stan Chart‘s extensive product and service offering across its segments, together with its international network, they are able to offer the Chinese community a banking experience and service that only needs, but enhances their banking needs.

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