G4S prioritises client retention

SHARE   |   Thursday, 16 August 2018   |   By Kabelo Adamson
Magapa Magapa

Leading security solutions group G4S Botswana is looking to improve on its customer retention capabilities as part of its strategy from 2017 and beyond.

Writing in the group’s annual report, the group’s Managing Director Mokgethi Magapa said that whilst their core value is the quality of services provided, relationship management is key.


“We have therefore, strengthened this aspect of our business by creating a centralised customer complaints platform to be housed under our back-office function,” said Magapa. He said they have also revamped their broad customer service function and created a role that will oversee aspects of customer service across the entire business.

“In 2017 we were able to reduce chum tremendously and that is set improve even further in 2018,’ the MD wrote in the report.


As part of future prospects, Magapa said they continue to implement operational and service improvements, with increased capacity to provide better customer satisfaction and enhanced security solution.

He said the leveraging of technological capability regionally and globally would give them a competitive edge in a market that is still driven by traditional manned guarding solutions for customers. “The cash processing and management space, including ATM management, offers great opportunity,” he said.

As the first mover and with greater capability, Magapa said they see cash as a great flagship business given the products and services that we are able to introduce to the local market.


The MD said they will continue to acquire customers with great emphasis placed on reviewing client portfolio and service mix to achieve sustainable revenue growth.

New areas (geographic) of business operation, new products/services as well as partnerships, Magapa said are set to provide a quantum leap that is required for revenue growth. He said this will create sustainability on the business allow the group to fully invest in its operations.


Top of enhancing operational capability will be automation and outsourcing of non-core activities.

“We believe this would give us the agility to improve our mainstream business. The Facilities Management business presents unparalleled opportunity given that we are the only security and risk Management Company that offers that particular service,” said Magapa.


Magapa has described the 2017 group performance as a watershed year given the impressive financial performance.

“Under the current trading conditions, we have seen listed companies in different sectors regressing and those that achieved growth, doing so with single digit figures,” he said as he described the situation.


He said net profit growth of 22.4 percent is incredible by any standard given the environment of foreclosures in the mining sector, increased unemployment and a generally sluggish economy. What is even more exciting for G4S, Magapa said is the fact that they managed to grow gross margin by an astonishing 16.2 percent.

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