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Capital Bank’s robust offerings

SHARE   |   Thursday, 20 September 2018   |   By Ricardo Kanono
Capital Bank Botswana CEO Jaco Viljoen Capital Bank Botswana CEO Jaco Viljoen

Upbeat Capital Bank Botswana CEO Jaco Viljoen reflects on the glorious rise of his banking group in the past 10 years. 

VILJOEN: Capital Bank of Botswana opened its doors in 2008, being majority-owned by First Merchant Bank. Since then, the Malawian parent company has diluted its shareholding to 38.6% with the entry of Botswana shareholders. Some Key Milestones over the past 10 years include: 2008 – First Branch opened in Gaborone; 2009 – Bank opened its second branch in Francistown; Internet Banking was implemented; 2010 – CBB purchased Head Office on Old Lobatse Road, Gaborone; 2012 – Opened two branches (Broadhurst & Mogoditshane); 2013 (October) – Jaco Viljoen appointed CEO; 2017 - Capital Bank Botswana's Holding Company acquires Barclays Bank Zimbabwe (Five countries regional presence - Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique & Malawi); 2018 (June) – Capital Bank Loan Centre opened (Main Mall); 2018 (June) - Launch of Capital Bank Graduate Training Programme; 2017/2018 - Purchase of New Head Office, CBD; 2018 (September) – Capital Bank Botswana opened three more loan centres (Palapye, Francistown & Kanye). CBB significantly outperformed the local banking market in terms of operating and after tax profit over the last five years despite being relatively small and unknown in a declining environment; as well as the fact that Capital Bank Botswana has never made a loss since opening doors.

How many branches does the bank have country wide?


VILJOEN: Capital Bank Botswana has branches in Gaborone, Mogoditshane, Broadhurst (Soon to relocate to CBD, Gaborone) and Francistown. The bank also has four loan centres (As of September 2018) in Gaborone, Kanye, Palapye and Francistown with plans for more in 2019.

Are there plans to increase the footprint across the country?


VILJOEN: Having just relocated to our new Head Office in Gaborone’s CBD, and soon opening of the CBD branch, we do not have any short-term plans to expand our branch footprint. What is key for us now is to drive our strategy and ensure we deliver on our mandate and thus some of our growth can also be seen in our digital solutions – a whole new layer of inclusion and inclusivity for the nuanced banker.

How many ATMs does the bank have, and any plans to increase them?


VILJOEN: Four ATM’s – one located at each branch site.

Which sector of the economy is the bank mostly inclined to?


VILJOEN: We focus on SME’s, corporate and business bankers, enabling growth for clients across a variety of sectors.

How many employees does Capital Bank employ?


VILJOEN: Some 150 permanent employed staff and a further 70 contractual employees.

Discuss the CSI initiatives that the bank is involved in?


VILJOEN: The Bank focuses its support on a number of activities in the areas of health, education, vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, especially orphans and elderly people. In addition, we focus on the arts, culture, music and sports. Since inception, Capital Bank is privileged to have been able to contribute to the development of Botswana and her people in various ways, and this is something we remain wholly committed to. Some examples of this include: Township Rollers sponsorship 2014/15 season, one of Botswana Premier League elite teams; Sponsorship of the Botswana Taekwondo Federation that took part in the 2014 SAFT; Proud sponsor of Moratiwa Musical and National Tour in support of arts and culture in Botswana; We took part in the Gabaresepe Day Care Centre sponsored walk in 2017 and 2018.; The bank sponsored Summer of ’69 and Beyond in 2015 and 2016 and the Colour Run 2017. In March this year, CBB was the Main Sponsor for the Prestige Royal Moscow Ballet event held in Gaborone; we held the 4th Annual Capital Bank Cycle Challenge (partnering with team Jonmol) early this year; iLoveBotswana ensemble goes to Broadway – August 2018; Capital bank took this opportunity to piggyback on Gabz FM’s partnership with Botswana Tourism Organisation to amplify the brand awareness of iLoveBotswana ensemble’s historic play at Broadway, New York City. Recently, Capital Bank awarded the opportunity to a total of five stellar-performing graduates from Botswana tertiary institutions through its Graduate Trainees Programme. These are just some of our examples. Above and beyond such community support, however, we believe what we offer best is a sound, robust financial services support for business clientele, thus empowering them, their businesses, and our economy in turn. We are passionate about making a difference today, tomorrow and well into the future.

Will Capital Bank list on the BSE in the future?


VILJOEN: We would not rule out this in the future, and preliminary discussions are in the pipeline as we believe there is much to be done before a step like that. We want to grow our business and achieve a number of key milestones before. Should such an exciting development come closer, we will share this with our valued stakeholders.

Having celebrated 10 years in Botswana, where would you like to see the Bank in the next 10 years?


VILJOEN: We want to be a key contributor to financial services and economic growth in Botswana.

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