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SHARE   |   Wednesday, 04 December 2019   |   By Ricardo Kanono
Bomaid Chief Executive Officer, Mr Moraki Mokgosana Bomaid Chief Executive Officer, Mr Moraki Mokgosana

In  view   of   the   ever-changing  medical   aid  competitive  landscape   and   the   nsmg expectations of  members, Bomaid  is embarking on the  introduction of a more efficient Fund  Administration System  in order to deliver  the  highest level of  service to both its members and service providers. The new  Fund  Administration System  is expected to go live in January 2020. This exciting journey has been dubbed 'Project Motswedi'.

The new system brings  with  it ground breaking technology in customer service delivery and  is  set  to assure  members quicker, customised, sophisticated, dynamic,  real-time accessibility to their medical  aid scheme.


Among many benefits, members will have access to self-service platforms through which they  will be able to  update  their Bomaid membership accounts, view their benefit usage and subscription statements, submit their claims real-time, just to name a few. The service will  be  availed  through  innovative smart  phone application (Mobile App)  and  Bomaid Member Portal, in the Bomaid  Website. The same self-service platform will also be made available to Bomaid Service Providers (doctors, pharmacists, laboratories, hospitals).

It is Bomaids' mission to always find new ways of providing competitive and diverse health care solutions for members through innovation and excellence. That  is why  Bomaid  is excited   about 'Project Motswedi'. it  is  the   right path   to succeed   in  providing  its stakeholders with  superior customer experience.


In preparing for  this migration to the  new system. members are encouraged to  submit their Know Your Customer (KYC) documentation. This will ensure that we have their latest information and will allow easier registration on both our  new online  platforms as well as the mobile app.

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