BOFINET in price reduction drive

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 10 March 2015   |   By Staff Writer
Mabua Mabua Mabua Mabua

Botswana Fibre Networks Management (BOFINET) management says they are doing their part to ensure reduction in broadband prices though in some instances those reductions are not passed to the end user.
Thato Jensen, Strategy and Business Development Executive at BOFINET, said on Monday during the stakeholder workshop that BOFINET has reduced prices significantly in the last two years and the hope is that it will be passed to end the users through retailers which are the mobile operators.
BOFINET is a wholesale provider of national and international telecommunications infrastructure. As a wholesale provider, the hope is that when BOFINET reduces its prices to the retailers, the end users will benefit from this reduction; however there has been an outcry among members of the public about the exorbitant prices that they have to pay for the services of the broadband.
Jensen said to ensure compliance by the retailers; it will require a consented effort from both BOFINET and the regulator being Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA).
In 2014, BOFINET slashed tariffs for internet by up to 40 percent, the move which was said to be to make Botswana prices competitive in the region.
At the moment BOFINET is in the process of rolling out infrastructure expansion in places such as Gaborone, Francistown and Maun with the intension of ensuring quality and affordability of broadband connectivity.
Jensen said that plans are also in the pipeline to install infrastructure in places beyond the current existing ones but admitted that fibre to the whole cannot be rolled out to places which are sparsely populated.
The Monday workshop was intended to share information on current projects status for the Fibre to the X and wholesale Wi-Fi and also present the value to the business community and discuss solutions offered through these rollouts.

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