BGI launches new brand look

SHARE   |   Friday, 06 November 2020   |   By Bakang Tiro
Moagi Moagi

Following its establishment in 2014, Botswana Geoscience Institute (BGI) has launched its brand identity to keep pace with fast growing and highly competitive business environment.


The Lobatse-based geosciences research-led corporation on Thursday unveiled its logo after embarking on a corporate identity development three years ago to take practice of geoscience to new realm.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BGI, Tiyapo Ngisanyi, said for the past three years the institute has developed a maiden corporate strategy, consolidated asset base and signed new partnerships.


“We undertook the projects aimed at attracting investment in the mineral sector as well as safeguarding lives of Batswana from geohazards. This logo will serve to emphasize our rich traditional purpose, strengths and build our credibility and reputation,” said Ngisanyi.

He said it also reflect BGI’s new capabilities, innovation, energy and new aggression in doing things, adding that their core mission is to support socio-economic development and life of Batswana.


This role, he said, primarily aids mineral exploration and it is a long term important objective of many resource rich nations such as Botswana, noting that the role has been tested and remain same.

“All what has been refined is the efficiencies driven by the advent of technology and endorsements of best practices. Resource rich countries like Botswana generate significant revenue from minerals. It is well known that mining dominates Botswana economic activity,” he added.

He noted that as BGI forges ahead with its new corporate journey, there are areas which shall remain their major impact areas such as making Botswana top destination of mineral exploration.


To achieve this, Ngisanyi said, BGI will undertake projects aimed at de-risking mineral exploration by ensuring efficient and steady availability of and accessibility of geoscience information locally.

Also, he indicated that they will also ensure safer communities and livelihoods by embarking on projects such as geotechnical investigations and assessment of geohazards in critical infrastructure.


The Minister of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security Lefoko Moagi said BGI is intricately linked to the country’s national development goals and strategic growth imperatives.

He said BGI has to innovatively apply the science and technology to understand the earth for the greater benefit of Botswana to broaden the country’s economic base in minerals.


“The branding exercise is a milestone in the evolution of any organisation which seeks to reposition itself. As an organisation matures, the initial identity can become irrelevant. It could be a liability and hold an organisation back from reaching its full potential,” Moagi hailed BGI.

He said in line with government policy to attract investors to Botswana and thereby increase foreign direct investment, formation of BGI opens new avenues for new mineral discovery among others.

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