BTCL welcomes Vodafone

SHARE   |   Sunday, 05 April 2015   |   By Keitebe Kgosikebatho
Taylor Taylor

The proposed strategic partnership between  Botswana Telecommunications Limited (BTCL) and Vodafone is expected to give the national telecommunications service provider an upper hand by enabling it to benefit from access to Vodafone’s Best Practice and International Experience, said BTCL Chief Executive Officer (CEO),Paul Taylor.
Addressing members of the media in Gaborone on Tuesday Taylor said the partnership will give BTCL an opportunity to enhance its customer proposition with certain Vodafone products and services.
According to a Taylor, under this non-equity partnership agreement, the two companies will jointly offer business and customers a range of products and services. BTCL will become Vodafone’s preferred partner in Botswana and the companies will jointly offer new products and services in the region.
BTCL will also benefit by having Vodafone brand endorsement on certain products. Local subscribers will also see an improved cost base for certain BTCL services such as international calls and international roaming. “Vodafone’s Multinational Corporate Customers will benefit from the addition of Botswana to their Existing Contracts for International Managed Services,” said Taylor.
According to Taylor, BTCL customers will benefit immensely from this, as BTCL reduces prices. “BeMOBILE is the third least expensive mobile operator in SADC for ADSL service; BTCL is 3rd least expensive on a Like-for-Like basis across SADC after South Africa and Mauritius,” said Taylor. According to Taylor, wholesale cost reductions have always been passed to retail customers by BTCL.
BTCL’s human resource is also to benefit from the partnership, as according to Taylor, Vodafone will afford them an opportunity to develop staff. After the commencements of the proposed partnership Vodafone will bring representative employees to BTCL and vice versa. This according to Taylor is to give BTCL staff a world-class training and experience and to accustom Vodafone staff with the local environment.
Vodafone is a British Company and one of the world’s largest mobile operators. It is ranked as the world’s 2nd biggest carrier of Voice Minutes. It is now the second largest fixed network operator in UK. Vodafone’s partner markets were established specifically to offer support to companies needing "Big Brother Support”.
As a preferred partner, BTCL will benefit from Vodafone’s scale as the largest international voice carrier, with access to its global data reach and a competitive cost base for its customers’ international calls. Vodafone has a 65 percent shareholding in South Africa’s Vodacom, which has a presence in five African countries.
BTCL will soon be privatized, in a move that will see 49 percent of the company sold to both workers and citizens.

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