‘Why am I here?’

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 17 May 2016   |   By Keitebe Kgosikebatho
‘Why am I here?’

Othilia Baya, Store Manager

Othilia Baya lives by the motto – ‘Why am I here?’ and that has propelled her to greater heights. This has acted as motivation to push her to attain greater things, especially in her work. She joined Choppies when she was only 28 years old back in 2004. She started in Francistown as only as a cash officer before being elevated to an invoice clerk and ultimately the current position of store manager. Her rise has been much a case of hard work than anything else – she never idled around. When done doing with her work at the cash office she would help around with other tasks in the store such as   stock-taking. “I was always interested in learning something new in the store,” she says. This, she says, is one other reason why people around her were also inspired to support and assist her.

In 2009 she was the promoted to be a trainee Manager and a year later to the position of Assistant Manager. In 2014 she was eventually promoted to be a Store Manager. As a people centred person, Baya says her job comes easily and is enjoyable. Her interest, she says, is not only limited to growing herself but also includes having the best interest of the company she works for and her colleagues at heart. This good qualities according to Baya have also  made it easy for her colleagues to support  and assist her whenever they felt the need to. Working for Choppies and attaining what she has so far, according to Baya, has not only borne positive results for her but for her family as well. As a breadwinner she has now been able to support her family and make various investments for them.

she has so far  even managed to buy and own two cars and property, and believes she will be in the near future be able to execute her other plans.  “ I know I will be able to execute my plans ,” she said. To support other women at work as their leader, Baya says, she always make sure she addresses their weaknesses and makes sure they are dealt with thoroughly to ensure maximum productivity. “Most women that I have supervised and mentored now hold high positions in various Choppies stores,” she says. As an ambitious individual Baya believes her journey is not over yet; she intends to keep on striving for more success.