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Maintenance fitter: Leabetswe Ofetotse

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 05 July 2016   |   By Staff Writer
Leabetswe Ofetotse Leabetswe Ofetotse

leabetswe Ofetotse (34) joined Debswana in 2001 as an apprentice and qualified in 2005. She has thus has been working in different areas as a qualified maintenance fitter since 2005. Her duties, she says, include maintenance of pit pumps, compressors and water lines which provide drinkable water to the mining areas.Though she was the only female in her class during her apprenticeship, Ofetotse says it was encouraging that she was one of the top performing students; getting amazing grades in both theory and practicals. It was even more rewarding that even though a few of the apprentices qualified, she was among them. Even though she acknowledges that, working in a male dominated environment does not limit her as far as her career is concerned; she says that in her line of work a woman has to usually go an extra mile to prove herself.

“I wouldn't say there are limits because all we have to do as women is prove we can do our jobs as well as our male counterparts,” she said. According to Olatotse, she has so far worked in different departments in her line of work and managed to impress her supervisors with her dedication to work. She encourages other women to consider choosing career paths in mining, saying “it's all about being determined at giving your all”. “It takes hard work and a lot of it and as women I know we are able to put our hearts in what we do.  The mining industry is amazing,” she said.  When she is not fixing pit pumps and compressors, this single mother of two enjoys watching TV, spending time with my kids and reading.