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Project Geologist: Kgalalelo Molefi

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 05 July 2016   |   By Staff Writer
Project Geologist: Kgalalelo Molefi

Kgalalelo Molefi is one of the now increasing numbers of ladies in Botswana mining sector who continue to prove that no job is bigger than a woman’s capabilities and are doing a marvellous job while at it. The 33-year-old currently works as a project geologist at Debswana Jwaneng mine, Cut 9 slope angle design. She is responsible for drilling execution plan campaigns. This, she says, basically means that she liaises with short-term planners and coordinates the drilling plan, which includes drilling risk management and overseeing drilling contractors. Although the mention of ‘drills’ and ‘slope designs’ can sound quite scary and a bit farfetched to most women, to Molefi it’s all about waking up every day to do what she is passionate about. “It is a fulfilling and exciting job,” she declares with pride.

She is a qualified Geologist and joined Debswana immediately after graduating with an honours Degree and Bachelor of Science majoring in geology from the University of Western Cape in South Africa. She worked herself up the ladder until she was a full geologist. Her responsibilities have included ensuring results and reserve performance through monitoring of accounts, reconciliation and reporting. As she continues to conquer the odds, Molefi urges other women, especially young girls to refrain from thinking that some careers are reserved for men. “Women are very much just as capable as their male counterparts,” she says.

But this married mother of two says she couldn’t have done it without the support of her family. Her job, she says, requires one to be on top of her game so as a result, she has learned to plan her work as way of balancing family requirements and work. Planning, she says, is also vital to her success at work as her job calls for due diligence, governance and paying attention to details. In order to wind down – away from the hectic schedule at work – Molefi takes aerobic classes to clear her mind.