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Wamakone: Not a quitter

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 21 September 2016   |   By Staff Writer
Wamakone: Not a quitter

‘Fight with everything you have until you win,’ she urges all, with her rise at work being a true testimony of what hard work and resilience mean. Giving up is never an option for 51-year-old Betty Wamakone. To her, one should not take the easy way of quitting when pursuing her dreams. She is a staunch believer that if one wants something they must fight for it until they get it. “Fight with everything you have until you win,” Wamakone says. Wamakone currently works as a Credit Controller at Letshego Financial Services. She joined the company in 2001 as a receptionist and has since risen along the ranks to her current position. “I joined Letshego as a receptionist, but because of my hard work I was later promoted to the post of Sales Consultant which I carried until 2015 when I was again promoted to the post of a Credit Controller,” she says.

According to Wamakone, her hard work is an attribute that she learnt and copied from her late aunt, who she says, was a hard worker herself. “She taught me to work hard no matter how hard the situation could be, and that’s exactly what is motivating me. That alone taught me never to limit my abilities,” she says. Her duties in the credit department include requesting monthly payments from clients, batching clients their funds and making follow up on clients. Although she is committed to currying out her duties to the satisfaction of all, she says her job is sometimes challenging. “But I always know how to handle client queries in a courteous manner; I always make sure I leave them happy and satisfied. Customer retention is key,” she says. Wamakone’s word of inspiration to other women is that a destination goal is a long-term play and means that during one’s path they will have periods that feel like they are not moving up.

She says this should not stop a person from moving forward. “Most of all never think that for you to move up, someone needs to move down,” Wamakone insists. As one of the first people to join Letshego more than 15 years ago, the married mother of one says, she believes she has made a great impact in the lives of her colleagues and the company itself. In fact, according to Wamakone, Letshego office had less than 10 employees when she first started and today there are more than 200 employees. “This is because of our hard work and courtesy that saw Letshego grow this big. I worked tirelessly in improving the lives of Batswana. I pride myself with good customer service, even today clients still call me from all walks of life where I serviced them, “she says. As retirement beckons, Wamakone says she couldn’t be content with her work at Letshego and the legacy that she will leave. She plans to expand a small business and focus more on farming.