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Masisi: People’s person!

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 21 September 2016   |   By Staff Writer
Masisi: People’s person!

If Kebitsawame Masisi’s narration of her work at Letshego Financial Services is anything to go by then it is not surprising that the company is by far one of the fastest growing indigenous companies locally and across the African continent where it trades in 10 countries. It is the Masisi of then and now who deserves praise.

She joined Letshego in 2000 working in the Loans Approval Department when the company had only two branches in Gaborone and Francistown and has since seen the company grow in leaps and bounds to the success story that it is today. Masisi currently works as a Solution Analyst, a position she was appointed to at beginning of this year. She has before that held various positions ranging from acting branch manager to Customer liaison Officer. In her current position Masisi is tasked with attending to and finding solutions to client’s queries, observing and attending to service delivery and even attending to international business inquiries and queries.

She explains that the kind of work she does requires one to be accommodating to people as it requires one to attend to different people who at times are not in their best moods.  She prides herself with the fact that her interpersonal skills are world class and as such as far as she remembers she has always managed to stun her audience and send them back fully satisfied. “My job is simplified by my love for people. I believe I have an inborn attribute of being accommodative, It requires passion,” she says.  She also credits her parents for instilling this in her while growing up. According to Masisi, there is nothing that satisfies her like seeing a satisfied client expressing gratitude for her assistance. In fact, she explains that she has since mastered how to serve her clients that she does not remember the single time a clients has left her office unhappy. “By simply using my skill to counsel clients and attending to their queries, I like to make a difference,” she says.

Masisi explains that as a way of motivating people she always encourages them to know themselves and what they want first, to focus  and not to give up on their dreams by letting their detractors derail them. She believes in love, sincerity and empathy; attributes which she says have made her excel in what she does. “To succeed in the kind of job I do, do not let customers leave your office hurt,” she says. “My clients are my biggest motivation, whenever I am down and think of my clients, my spirits are immediately uplifted and I get back to what I do best for them,” she says.

Although Masisi believes she has improved and saved lives through her job, she says she is doing even more outside of work. As a mother, she states that she cannot bear the thought of seeing children even those who are not hers or are not related to her suffer. As a result she has over time assisted a number of children from disadvantaged backgrounds succeed, some of whom she says have gone to attain highest positions and graduate from reputable institutions. “One of the children I have assisted to further studies will be graduating with a teaching qualification,” she declares happily. When she is not making clients happy at work or assisting in her community, Masisi says she loves cooking and tending to her farm.