Pulsating air show!

SHARE   |   Sunday, 24 May 2015   |   By Staff Writer
This years Wesbank airshow was a fullfilling event that thrilled the spectators This years Wesbank airshow was a fullfilling event that thrilled the spectators PIC: RICARDO KANONO

The organisers of the Wesbank International Air show have promised a much more fun filled show in the years to come. This follows magnificent and mouth-watering aerobatic performances over the weekend at Matsieng Air strip in Rasesa.
A member of the organising committee Hentie De Wet said they have already started preparations for next year’s event. De Wet promised Batswana that the coming show will have a lot of variety as they are looking to even include much bigger aircrafts.
He said the idea is not only to have a fun day but to get as much people as possible to the event since all the proceedings from it goes to charity. The 2015 air show had seen a massive attendance and organisers reported that the tickets were sold out on the day. “I am happy with the growth of the show. There has been a significant increase on attendance as we had about 8000 tickets and they were sold out by 2pm,” said De Wet.
This was despite the event clashing with the highly popular Khawa Challenge. Multitudes of aviation enthusiasts from across the country and all Southern African countries thronged Matsieng Air strip to witness the show. The show, which is used to showcase different types of aircrafts and the skills and talent of different pilots, has since become a loved occasion for Batswana. It has turned into a family fun day were people go to relax and enjoy the beauty of aviation. The show has also become a multinational event as all nationalities throng the place.
De Wet said the main aim of the event is to sensitise the general public about the aviation. To bring to them what they always see on television by not forgetting that it is for charity. At the show, the multitudes which ranged from children to grandparents were kept mesmerised by the great stunts performed by the pilots and their machines. All were kept on their feet by Nigel Hopkins, an experienced and fully gifted pilot. Hopkins left the crowd yearning for more with his twisting, rolling and turning around of the MX2 aircraft meticulously in the air. 
To some kids this has not only been a show but an inspiration to one day become pilots themselves. No matter how dangerous it looked, to some it was an exciting episode to experience what is usually seen on television. It is not every day that Batswana experience the sounds of bombs and old aircrafts which were used in war. All these were the order of the day in Rasesa.
Many of the families which were there were happy to have attended this day. They vowed that every year they will be coming for the event which always brings something new. “There is always something extraordinary to expect about this show. You will never know what to expect, that is why the Air show is so interesting,” said Kutlo Thakadu, who brought her whole family. She said the air show is good because it provides an outing suitable for the whole family to have fun.
Even though some people say that the air show is a dangerous game Dew Wet assured the public that everything about safety is taken care of. He said the pilots behind the displays are highly trained and professionals who know what they are doing. “We are also doing the show in accordance with international standards to ensure safety,” he added.

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