Kurana showcased

SHARE   |   Sunday, 07 June 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Kuru dance performers entertaining the audience Kuru dance performers entertaining the audience PIC: RICARDO KANONO

Maruapula Private School students gave a sterling performance of the play Kurana. The drama’s storyline is centred on the girl Kurana, who was abused by her stepmother. The story has a resemblance of the Cinderella play in which the prince ends up marrying the poor girl. In Kurana though, the opposite happens as the deadly stepmother manages to kill Kurana at the end, living Kurana’s spirit to go underworld. The story is set in Egypt, in a place called Peponi, which means Beautiful in Swahili. Drama teacher at Maruapula Clayton Ndlovu said from the play they wanted students to understand how to make a show.
He said as the school they had to make students understand that whenever they make a production, there are a lot other competitive shows that are being made, and should therefore work effectively with the media to have an edge. He said they made two versions of the story, with one catering for the kids, while the other focuses on mature audience. The story depicts Kurana who though hated by the stepmother, still managed to look beautiful. One thing that the story exposes is that beauty is not always everything. While the spoilt Kurana's two half-sisters always dressed in nice clothes, and Kurana wore tattered clothes, she towered above them with her warm heart, intelligence and positive attitude. Kurana had all the qualities that the other two didn't have, like singing and reverence for others. The half-sisters were caught up in self-exultation. This eventually proved that just like Cinderella story, looks and better life does not mean that you are better than the next person.       

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