Trendy tyre seats define creativity

SHARE   |   Sunday, 07 June 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Customized tyre seats Customized tyre seats

Tyres have now become a new trendy item, not for cars alone.
They are now used as stylish home seating wear and most modern folk are clamouring for a set. The seats are made with tyres and then decorated anyhow the customer will sees fit, and they just look so good to be in anyone's lounge. One of the product designers Kago Monageng said with thousands of tyres ending up in landfills across Botswana, and some inappropriately discarded, they have found a niche in developing the tyre seat to promote green living and sustainable eco-friendly design products. He said that they only use the recycled material in order to do the seats, where they use the wood covered with padded form for extra comfort. They also make coffee tables and storage spaces from these recycled tyres. “Tyre seats are multifunctional and can be used for different things; customised to fit the customer's taste and branding needs for businesses," he said. He added that this makes them very ideal for office, home and various sitting spaces. 
He said they then have to be patient when painting the tyres because a tyre is not smooth, which makes it a very hard piece to work on. He said with the reception that they have been getting and the ideas that they get from people about the seats, they have realised that it can also be developed into more business ventures. He said to a certain extent it has been a little hard in getting them in government offices, because Batswana are still not fascinated by artistic work, though some people see them and they instantly want to have them. He said it is time people embrace change and know that things can be different.

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