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To hell and back

SHARE   |   Sunday, 12 July 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Vusi on stage Vusi on stage

Busetsa Tsotlhe Mo Mannong (Put everything back in place) hit song is restoring Gospel star Vusi Mtokufa’s reputation as a highly gifted local performer. ONTAMETSE SUGAR reports
He was the youngest gospel sensation in the late 2000s. Despite his age, all eyes were on him because of his singing talent. As fate would have it, Vusi Mtokufa has been gone for a while. However he sprang into full life during his comeback show last week Friday at the GICC. In his sterling performance he revealed he was back with full force. His world class act got everyone talking.
For the talented musician life has not been that easy. He found himself on the wrong side of the law when he was accused of murder just when his career was picking up. That was devastating, both to him and all the fans who looked up to him as a perfect teenager. He was just 17 years old when he entered the darkest moment of his life. He stayed indoors and felt a lot of rejection. He said that is why it took him all these years to make a comeback the way he did. It was that time that he transitioned from a young boy that he was to a young man, and with that it means a lot of changes in his life. He said that he allowed himself time to rediscover and change and at the same time make sure that he matures without losing his identity. Apart from serenading the crowd, he now pastors a church in Kanye.

He expressively talked about his song Busetsa Tsotlhe Mo Mannong (put everything back in place) which always gets music lovers emotional maybe because they relate to what happened to the young man or what might be happening in their lives. Vusi said the song shows that he is an example of change and an example of restoration. He said he used to live his life in a different way than he is living now, and when things got bad that was when he realised that he had to become a person that God wants him to be. He said he takes what happened to him years back as something that God allowed to give him the platform and the urge to respond to what He has purposed him to do in this life. He said he used to be just a gospel artist, but has since realised that there is more to it. “I understand that I don’t have to sing music but to change lives,” he said. He said there is no denying that he was in deep trouble when he wrote the song as everything that he ever valued was going down the drain. All people that used to believe in him stopped believing in him. He recognised that time that the only one that he can talk to is God. He said at that moment he could not pray at all; he just kept on crying - it was very painful as there was no one for him.

One thing that he realised was that if he can’t pray, at least he had a voice to sing. He then started singing the song most of the time. He said it also blesses him to see what the song does to people. Vusi said he doesn’t want people to think that he is changed because he says it, but rather they have to see the change from the abundance of his heart and from his ways. He said it is not his duty to justify himself, but as the Bible says ‘by their fruits you will know them’. 
BraveHeart Studios, which also manages Vusi, is behind his latest production and offering. On what inspired the event that has really set up a bar for all musicians in the country BraveHeart Director Joe Manuel said that they wanted to start BraveHeart music and something told him that Vusi was the person to start with. He said they believed in him and in his future, and when they told him what they wanted to do with his brand, it was easy as he was also ready for something like that. Vusi got emotional when talking about the second chance that BraveHeart has given him and all the work that they have been doing which led to what happened last week Friday. Manuel said he always gets people asking if the company is locally-owned because of the service that they give. The company is 100% owned by him.