Fitness supplements craze

SHARE   |   Sunday, 02 August 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Maloiso Maloiso

Being fit and in good shape is a non-ending world craze, as everyone wants to look good. Edward Maloiso, a fitness fanatic who builds up his body and muscles, is already big and masculine, but says he aims to grow even bigger. Though he trains he also relies heavily on supplements in order to make himself achieve the big and toned up shape. With a wide range of supplements that he even sells at his shop in Block 5, Maloiso said he is aiming at both men and women, but mostly wants women to really warm up to supplements and understand that they need those as much as men do in order to be toned and to look good.

He said that apart from the regular diet pills, supplements equalled to baby food, which means that they have the same effects that baby food has on the body. He said supplements work better when combined with regular exercise, and that is what he tells his customers. He said the reason why supplements are popular among athletes and fitness models is because they do not have any severe side effects. According to online researches, it is important for someone to do a research before using fat burners in order to assess their overall health since some contain dangerous ingredients like ephedrine and yohimbe which may cause heart problems and even death.

Maloiso added that people should know that fat burners do not compensate for bad eating habits but to raise metabolism and suppress appetite. According to him, the body is the temple of God, and that is why he finds the need to take care of it as he does not even drink alcohol. “Supplements should not replace food but they should add to your daily intake of calories, that is why the term supplements,” he said. He will host the 2nd annual Gaborone classic at Lamila Lodge on August 22 where fitness models will come together and showcase their toned up and masculine bodies, with the special appearance by Mr Botswana Gontse Sechele.