Molapo launches VIP Lounge

SHARE   |   Monday, 24 August 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar

Molapo Piazza, which is now one of the top entertainment spots in Gaborone, has finally launched their VIP lounge. With the demand for great service by people who travel around and those that are looking for the coolest spots to hang out, Molapo aims to satisfy their high-end clients with the lounge. Normally the VIP lounges offer a quiet and comfortable place for those that do not like crowds. The lounge is close to the entertainment space that is able to accommodate hundreds of people, and this can be used for VIPs during events that are held at that place or by anyone who wants to have a party, celebration or a meeting by just renting the place out.
The lounge is not furnished to offer flexibility for any type of event to accommodate any kind of décor as that varies with events and hosts. At the launch a company was also outsourced to cater for the classy set up which comprised mostly of white chairs and tables. The lounge provides a great view of whatever that is happening outside. The Executive Chef for Flavour Restaurant which is also at the Piazza, Tulani Moyo, gave the guests an exclusive taste of how they cook at Flavour with the use of different western spices. The guests had the kebabs, braai meat and bread that were straight from the chef’s recipe. The food verified the massive culinary skills that the chef has. Moyo’s firm is available to cater for anyone that will host the event at the VIP lounge.
He said people should desist from thinking that they serve Setswana foods only, because they only do that on Thursdays which is an exclusive day for Setswana meals. On the other days they serve Kenyan, Caucasian, Nigerian and all kinds of foods that people from different countries might be looking for. He said they came up with the idea after realising that some people struggled finding their traditional foods in the country. Molapo Piazza Managing Director Luc Vandecasteele said at Molapo Piazza they are not into copying any trend, but they are more into inventing new things that are unique and that is the reason why the place offers most things that are not offered in other malls. “I like unique ideas. That is why Molapo Piazza does not have franchise shops, apart from Pick n Pay,” he said.

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