Fusing fashion with music

SHARE   |   Monday, 24 August 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Phil Harmonic Voices models showcasing thier clothes Phil Harmonic Voices models showcasing thier clothes

Phil Harmonic Voices held a ‘Fashion by the Voices’ event last weekend where the singers showed their diverse skills. The group was founded just four years ago by some St Joseph’s College students. The choir’s spokesperson, Lameck Kangunde, said from the beginning the choir was formed to nurture those who have the talent. The group sings classical music, opera and Marabi. Kangunde said they saw the need to explore the different talents of their choir members and that is why they came up with the fashion show. The youngest that they have at the choir is a 17-year-old. The choir is based in Gaborone West where they meet for rehearsals.
He said despite having the challenges that they face because of many members that are unemployed, from most of their shows they donate to charity especially to the Gaborone West community. The fashion show that was held at Westwood Mantlwaneng Theatre Hall proved to be a success as they showed the immense talent that they have in fashion, poetry and music. They demonstrated that those things go well together. At the fashion show in Westwood there were different acts that were taking place, among them dog trainers’ stunts. They wanted to be able to attract diverse audience to one place which also gave those the chance to hear them sing.
The marketing executive for the choir Kgololo Mmipi said they were doing all this in preparation for their participation at the National Choir Festivals in South Africa. The choir left this Friday for Klergsdorp to participate in today’s (Sunday) festival where they will perform two songs, one a western song and one a vernacular piece titled Madiba. He encouraged Batswana to warm up to choirs. He said this is the case because the market in Botswana has proven not to be very fond of the choirs. At the fashion show they performed alongside a band called Perfect Pitch. 

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