Lesang: Seasoned business woman

SHARE   |   Monday, 07 September 2015   |   By Keitebe Kgosikebatho

It takes balance, choosing and knowing priorities and downright professionalism to make a successful businesswoman. These are the words of a seasoned Lobatse business woman, Caroline Garesego Lesang.
Having started from humble beginnings as a fashion designer in 1989, Lesang has defied the odds and grown in leaps and bounds in business. Her business, Caroline Garment Creations did well for quite some time before she started facing competition. “I was very popular and good at what I was doing hence business was good,” said Lesang. However Lesang says she started to face competition before long and business got bad hence she was forced to close shop. She was not done with business though. 
She took a sojourn into educating herself by going through various business courses until she ultimately landed an MBA. She had realised that to do well in business she needed to be equipped with the right skills and expertise - studying was the only solution. Her qualifications she said saw her doing some consultancy work for other businesses at a fee of course.
She bounced back into business in 2008, when she opened a bakery business in Lobatse and since then she has never looked back. Armed with both experience and educational, she knew exactly what was required of her to succeed. In 2009 her bakery business was fully operational and to date it is one of the most successful bakeries not only in Lobatse but even in surrounding areas including Gaborone. Her bakery now supplies among others small traders, government institutions like schools and hospitals and shops. She employs a total of 45 people.
But it does not end there. She is planning on venturing into something big in business, which will be massive and just as successful as her existing business. For now she is keeping her next big investment a secret, lest competitors jump into it.
Besides being a businesswoman, Lesang is also a politician of note (Mayor of Lobatse from 2009-2014), a mother, a wife and a grandmother. This obviously means she has a lot on her plate, but being the shrewd businesswoman that she is, she tactfully balances her work and personal life to accommodate both.
Her word to other women is that they should be confident enough to believe that they can attain what men can or even do better. She said time is crucial in business and should be used wisely.  Above all, Lesang said, they should trust in God.

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