1st Mud Run Challenge wears men out

SHARE   |   Monday, 21 September 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Muddy affair Muddy affair

The 1st ever Mud Run Challenge organised by Itse Magheba Tours took place last weekend where people had the chance to participate as individuals and teams. The challenge ran for two days, starting Saturday with individuals competing while the second day was for groups. The women, who took part in the challenge, proved that they were fit for the challenge than some of the men because the ambulance had to run up and down as some men passed out after the challenge. This proved how intense the programme was.

Tebogo Kgaodi of Itse Magheba Tours was impressed with how the event went down and the excitement it generated among participants. There were not many spectators, and being the first challenge, most people did not actually know what to expect. One of the participants Lesego Kaetu said when he decided to take part in the event he just thought it was just one of those light activities that he can just come and do on a Sunday but he was very impressed with how challenging it was for him. “I think most of us did not really come here with any expectations of being challenged enough, but when we got to the challenge that is when we saw what a vigorous physical activity it is,” he said.Kgaodi said they were not even worried about the low turn up but rather they were impressed with the companies and individuals that took part because with what they went through they now want the challenge again and want to prepare for it in advance.

He said he is happy that above all they managed to introduce their concept, something that people appreciated. He said even in the beginning it was not easy to get some companies on board because they did not have an idea of what the challenge was all about. “I appreciate all the companies that came to take part because they made this event possible and with their feedback they have set a precedent for the next one,” he said. With the feedback that they have already got people want it to be a fitness event that is continuous and they are already planning for the next one probably coming on December. The winners of the challenge were Tough Men Heroes in first place and they got away with P3500 and gold medals. Let’s Unite Delta Force which is comprised of people from the outside gym in block 7 got position 2 and got away with P2500 while Monna o Kae got position three and got P1500. Other companies that participated are Twizza, GUC and Smartswitch.