Auditions on for Khama movie

SHARE   |   Monday, 21 September 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Auditions on for Khama movie

Following the steps of the iconic rulers that have had big production companies shooting movies on their lives like Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, the movie United Kingdom will be shot in Botswana and United Kingdom depicting the lives of Seretse Khama and Lady Ruth Khama. The movie will be produced by producer Rick McCallum who has produced blockbusters like Star Wars and director Amma Asante known for producing Belle and A way of Life which garnered many awards. Lay Ruth will be played by Rosamund Pike while Seretse will be played by one of Hollywood’s most sought after talent David Oyelewo. According to the director, the movie is the epic true story of the sweeping interracial love that shook the British establishment. This is because in 1947 Seretse Khama - an African King in-waiting for the Ngwato tribe – studying Law in London  when he met and fell in love with Ruth Williams, a London office girl. 

Asante regards it as one of the greatest love stories in history set against the end of empire and the birth of African independence and at the time when it was unthinkable for any black man to marry a white woman. “This is the story of two people so much in love that they shaped a country with it,” Amma said. She refers to it as a story of determination, courage, honour and justice in the face of a political powerhouse and a love that simply refused to die, a love that is said to have changed the world. The producer McCallum wants the movie to be first screened in Botswana next year upon independence when Botswana is turning 50 years before it is taken out to the world. The story will be shot 60% in Botswana and 40% in United Kingdom. The producer could not disclose the millions that they will use for the production because they want it to be a hit. Auditions will be taking place in Palapye and Serowe this weekend since they are looking for people who can speak in the same dialect that Bangwato speaks and wants the elders from that side and children because that is where everything took place. The auditions in Gaborone will be on September 26, 2015.

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