Season 2 of Barclays Madi Majwana launches

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 13 October 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar

After a successful spell of the Madi Majwana season 1 play, Maitisong in partnership with Barclays Bank have launched the second edition of the epic radio play that will continue to address the issues of financial illiteracy in Botswana. It targets everyone from school going children to retired people and those who are not working at all. The story is fully sponsored by the Barclays Bank of Botswana and Botho University. It was launched by Bank of Botswana Deputy Governor Oduetse Motshidisi, who appreciated efforts in ensuring financial inclusion of every Motswana that Barclays and Maitisong have engaged in. “Season 1 was a trailblazing success and I am happy to launch season 2 which we support very much to the extent that it can be included in the school curriculum,” he said.
The Director at Maitisong, Gao Lemmenyane, said all this came to birth in 2012 when they realised the need for financial education among Batswana more so that the school curriculum doesn’t cover those aspects. In the beginning it was hard for them to get partnerships but it then became easier when Barclays Botswana came on board. “We wanted to partner with the ministries but many of them were sceptical because they did not understand clearly what our concept was all about,” he said. He said the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture has recognised the programme as a very good tool while Bank of Botswana (BOB) also acknowledged them for the financial literacy they are giving Batswana.
Madi Majwana is a story of ordinary people and how they relate with money. It followed the lives of four ordinary people on how they use their money and the extra relationships that they have with cash in their hands. It has been confirmed that the programme has reached about 300 000 Batswana.
The drama is airing on different radio slots in Yarona FM, Gabz FM and Duma FM.  Lemmenyane said they opted to use different radio stations because their listenership is different. He noted that as much as they want people to have fun when listening to the play they also want them to be challenged about their relationships with money. The drama indeed approaches issues in a very entertaining but yet challenging way. It is informative but not overbearing by bringing a sense of humour to these everyday situations. This is because it is aimed at individuals from different backgrounds, ages and experiences.
It is with this play that the production team aims at encouraging their audiences to understand the power of the Pula in their pocket, analyse their personal relationship with money and seek avenues to gain more knowledge on money related matters so as to make informed decisions about their finances. To complement the drama the stage production of the same show will go on a nationwide tour of schools and public spaces around the country the way that they have been doing with the first season. They will be assisted Barclay’s staff from all the Barclays branches in the places that they will go to.  Before Madi Majwana there was a successful edutainment by Maitisong that was called Pula, Money Matters.

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