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Tiffanee Lim Tiffanee Lim

She is the daughter to one of the most innovative men in Malaysia. Lim Ko Kwing is recognised by his country and continent (Asia) as the most creative icon for creativity and innovation. This puts Tiffanee Marie under pressure to be the best at whatever that she does because people always judge her based on her famous father's achievements. That has catapulted the 27-year-old into a woman of her own – a hard worker who excels in all she does.


Marie Tiffanee Lim was recently the guest of honour at the Miss Botswana finals. Tiffanee has proven to have an innate flair for design. She is the Vice President Brand, Creativity and Talent Development at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology. She is much talented and her sense of style is revealed in the series of fashion shows that she organises and choreographs when she assumes the role of Artistic Director for the Limkokwing University.

Tiffanee herself is the graduate of her father’s University. Surprisingly Tiffanee said she was very shy when in class. She used to sit at the back since she got intimidated in a good way by those students that she thought were cool. She witnessed the transformation of Limkokwing into a global brand by admitting students from all over the world from countries like Macedonia, Lithuania, Canada, Botswana and Germany.


She kept on asking students as to why they chose Limkokwing University in Malaysia in order to learn about their different cultures and their desires. That is how she wrote a book about the conversations she had with those students. Limkokwing Malaysia is different from many universities in Malaysia and even in Asia, where it is considered the most multicultural university. “Limkokwing University is madly international, and when you step out of it is like that is when you step into Malaysia because Malaysia is not that very international,” she said. It humbled Tiffanee to see people coming to their school from countries like Germany to learn things like car design.

After graduating she went straight to working with her father who mentored her. She refers to him as a high quality mentor. She revealed she was hesitant when his father wanted to open universities in Africa because she did not have an idea about any of those countries, but now she sees what her father saw. Most recently she has launched the world's first fashion label by a university which is the Limkokwing Fashion Club where she serves as the Creative Director with aims to become a global brand within its first year.


Being in a creative multicultural explosion of talent and ideas because of Limkokwing having people from over 160 countries is what alone has created its influence which then creates fashion savvy designers. “The university is also setting new trends in the education of fashion such as the incorporation of other elements like hair design, face design and retail design among others,” she said.

A feather was placed in her cap when she organised the first fashion show by an African and Asian University at London Fashion Week in February 2012. She understands the concept of creative design not the stereotypical one where people think of creative people as painters or designers, but to her anyone in each profession ought to be creative in order to make it whether  a  lawyer or doctor. “I have a privilege of being born in this mind-set that allows me to feel empowered about those differences,” she said.


She is a talented and prolific writer who has already published three books and has also mooted the award winning radio programme - The Magic of Limkokwing - The World in one place which she directed and scripted. In 2009 at 21 she was voted by readers of Prestige Magazine as the most promising female under 40, the youngest ever nominated. In 2010, she received the ASEAN Master Class Award as the Emerging Woman Entrepreneur of the Year. In 2013, she was identified as one of the top 10 fashion and beauty influencers by Faces Magazine Malaysia.

From a very young age she knew she had interest in fashion. She knew she didn't want to learn fashion because she knew she was more into the business side of it. She has also travelled to Paris and Japan to produce fashion shows and represent Malaysia. In Paris, she organised the first fashion show by a Malaysian university on the iconic River Seine attended by industry heavy weights like BCBG Max Azria, Shiatzy Chen and Liberty London. The university was also the first in Osaka showcasing at Kansai International Airport sponsored by Japan Tourism to stimulate Japan-Asean trade.


She has worked with brands like L’Oreal, Calvin Klein where they promoted CK1, Levis and Grand Prix Formula One. She also managed to get Fashion Club featured In Vogue magazine, which is popular for high fashion, an achievement in fashion that Tiffanee doesn't take lightly. “When we got the invitation from Vogue, I actually thought it was a prank,” she said. She has also judged several Miss Malaysia pageants. She is really bad at socialising but has a tight bunch of friends that she hangs out with when she is not working.

She is a very quiet person who just takes time to be with her dogs and travels a lot. Being the fashionista that she is, whenever she picks up something to wear, she does so based on comfort not because it is expensive. She likes her T-shirts and jeans. For the interview she wore high top sneakers, a gold metallic skirt and a blouse. “I just want to take a shower and dress up but I don’t want to hustle with the makeup and beauty crews,” she said. She is daddy's little girl where she just likes cuddling with his father Lim Ko Kwing and even likes hugging and holding his hands. She said sometimes she even gets embarrassed because she will find herself hugging him in meetings. When she is with him she is just his baby, and she tells him when she is scared. He is the one who helps her whenever she feels out of place because of the position that she holds amongst professors and all the matured learned people. Tiffanee says his father is very funny and is her strength as he calms her whenever she freaks out.

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