The F-word: Fashion

SHARE   |   Monday, 19 October 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar
The black dress-wide sleeved,silky evening LBD with a twist, JADARK Kuvan designs The black dress-wide sleeved,silky evening LBD with a twist, JADARK Kuvan designs

‘Fashion is my only F-word’ fashion show takes place on November 7 in Gaborone. Themed Androgynous, the show is organised by the stunning Head Designer Judith Matola of JADARK Kuvan fashion. Matola said it has been four years that they have been hosting the show. The show is all about mentoring young aspiring designers. Among the products of the show are Gorata Motingwa, Bettie Opiyo, Karyn Tsheko and Abigail Sehunelo who have produced some of the most amazing designs to ever grace the Gaborone fashion runways.


"They have made their voices heard through their designs launched on the fashion mentor runway," she said. In the show aspiring designers are paired with established designers to mentor them through the step by step process of creating a collection. Models are also allocated to each designer and these same models are the ones that will walk the runway in the designers' garments. Matola said they recognise that the fashion industry is growing in Botswana, which then makes the fashion mentor programme a big contributor to the development. She said the objective of the initiative is to encourage the youth to work towards their dream careers at an early age so that they can show the populace that even the inexperienced can meet their expectation if given a chance.

They are also pushing to grow the fashion industry of Botswana, which will definitely contribute to the fashion industry in Africa. "Our aim is to have many acclaimed and renowned designers of the world originating from Africa," she said. She added that if the knowledge is instilled at a tender age then the outcome of a very successful fashion industry in Africa is inevitable. With the theme Androgynous, designers will find themselves creating designs that are first and foremost fashion forward and unisex, most importantly more appealing to their client. The tickets for the event start with P100.

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