KTM to host composers show

SHARE   |   Monday, 19 October 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar
KTM Choir on stage KTM Choir on stage

KTM choir will on November 1 host their annual Local Composers Night (LCS) at Maitisong.  This will be the show’s 5th year. Liberty Life, which has been assisting them with the show since 2012, has this year once again popped out P150 000 to help in preparing for the show.


They have also bought a printer and copier for the choir in order for them to print the copy of songs for their members to sing. KTM’s spokesperson Mike Seitshiro said they came up with the show to grow the local industry and reduce having to sing South African composed songs. When they started in 2011 they only had 10 composers, but now they have grown and have about eight new composers. According to Seitshiro, this is proof that the show has managed to attract local talent that is new to writing songs and trying to sell Botswana with their songs. He said one thing that they did not have when they started was an orchestra and had to engage South African orchestras.

Now they have Batswana orchestrators even though they still have to take some of the songs to South Africa. KTM choir is not just a group that sings music but it is a school as they make sure that they teach their members to sing better. "We do workshops and call professionals to come and nurture our members," he said. He revealed that they have auditions every year to select outstanding talent from soprano, alto or base. For the local composers night 22 songs will be sung by the choir. The songs will be from 15 composers. He recognised Liberty Life for all the services and support they have rendered KTM choir over the years because it is not only for the show that they help them, but even during the running of the choir throughout the year.


"We are talking about songs that have about eight pages each, and with the printer, copier and binder that has been given to us, we will not struggle with the printing of songs for members," he said. There is no doubt that KTM choir is one of the biggest respected choirs in the country that has groomed some of the established vocally talented artists in the country like Punah Gabasiane, Nnunu Ramogotsi and Lizibo. Seitshiro said they shave managed to stay atop all these years because they have a good foundation which is the one that is sustaining them.

Liberty Life Managing Director Lulu Rasebotsa said they chose to support KTM because they believe in youth empowerment since most of their members do not have day jobs. She said the choir is not even discriminatory as the members are very diverse. "The choir is also named after the man who wrote the National Anthem, so it is just an honour for us to be part of that," she said. 

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