Barloworld’s new baby: Ford Everest

SHARE   |   Monday, 26 October 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Ford Everest launched in Botswana Ford Everest launched in Botswana

One of the big car dealers in the country Barloworld has unveiled its new offering - the latest Ford Everest in the Limited (LTD) and XLT editions. The two derivatives that the Ford comes with offer interesting features that can entice car lovers. The XLT is the entry level while the Limited one is top of the range. Bonolo Mooketsi - the Sales Executive for Ford – said the interesting part about the car is that both the XLT and the Limited edition can be taken off road incredibly since they are not equipped with low profile tyres. That is the weapon they can draw to beat their competitors with because most of the competitors use low profile tyres, which when getting into a different terrain needs to be deflated. He said with the new Ford someone can choose a terrain with the click of a button. It can either be normal, snow, mud, sand or rock.
They all have leather interiors but the limited edition has extra additions like the electric seats for two front seats and back row seats, a rear view camera that can zoom both front and back and a button that someone can push when they get to the parking and then the car will identify the parking. “It will then park itself parallel, where now all that you will be dong is changing the gears,” Mooketsi said. There is also another button that someone can push which will set the distance between them and the car on front, where with that the car will accelerate depending on how the one in the front is going.  From the steering wheel there is a lot that can be done like choosing the climate of the inside of your car or playing music. The gear box in both cars is automatic and as opposed to the previous range they are the new ones. Both the XLT and the LTD edition have 3.2 engines.
Both cars use diesel and consume eight litres per 100km (8.2 L/100KM). The steering is the Electric Power Assist Steering (EPAS) with drift compensation technology and the turning circle is at 11.7. The three dimension interior offers quite very effective headroom, legroom and seat height in the front row while the second row got the reduced space and the third row also has the smallest space as compared to the 1st and 2nd row.  The fuel tank is 80 litres. The car has incredible security and safety features but the LTD is the only one that has the lane keeping system which includes lane keeping aid, lane departure warning and driver alert system. The LTD also has Blind Spot Monitoring (BLIS) with cross traffic alert. For those that love entertainment Ford Everest has radio, cd and mp3 players, eight inch touch screen, 10 speakers, x2 USB, SD card slot, aux connector, and Bluetooth and voice control.
Tunku Motsumi – Barloworld Fleet Manager – said that when doing the Ford Everest the concept was to take a backie and transform it into an SUV. He said he believes they have been able to do that and even more of it because the Ford Everest has come up nicer, which shows that there was serious concerted efforts put in. 

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