Phuthego: Never been better

SHARE   |   Monday, 16 November 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Phuthego; Never been beter Phuthego; Never been beter

Local musician Benson Phuthego proved his mettle at the BOPEU Live Concert last weekend. When he took to the stage the atmosphere changed totally; people got to their feet and danced along. His fans couldn't stop appreciating the great show that he put forward long after he had left the stage.
Phuthego felt honoured to have been part of the BOPEU live concert. The feedback that he got from the crowd and the observations that they made about his performance quite humbled him. He said he enjoys what he does and it is all about passion and giving people value for their money. "Perhaps whenever I hold a microphone and face the crowds I get into a trance," he said. He refers to the whole feeling as a spiritual emotive affair to him. He said since he focused more in the music industry, he has never had a bad review.
Woman’s beauty
He has songs that praise women in quite a very deep and touching way. He has a song called Lerato in the previous album and another called Photshana in the latest. They all praise a beautiful woman. He said that is the case because he is born of a woman and he appreciates the role women play in the society. They are deep songs that do not only focus on outer beauty but also speak to inner beauty. Phuthego sings about women of virtue that can attract men of valour. "Women have to be respected but it all comes with responsibility. So women who respect themselves are the ones worthy of praise.”
His love for art
He loves his art. As artists they make money on stage smiling, dancing and entertaining revelers and hence the beauty of their craft. He said that he is in it for the love of art not for the gains thereof. The stage is his ministry where he is able to touch lives with his music. On what inspires his songs which are usually poetic, Phuthego said it always occurs unplanned, in most cases at night when he is unable to sleep. He writes poems and songs that are of exhortations and somehow folkloric because they relate to the lives of people.

One of his best songs is Anthem which is about patriotism and love for oneself and one's country. He said the roots of the song are embedded in how they were also raised and taught to contribute to the development of the country. His second favourite song is Jive Africa which is a song that celebrates God’s created attraction sites in Africa like the Okavango, Mount Kilimanjaro, Victoria Falls and others. He said in general all his songs have to make sense. He referred to Anthem as a very spiritual and emotive song for him because he composed the poem back in 1995 when he was in Moeding College where he did not even know that he will record the song 17 years down the line.
The best still to come
He said that in regard to his performances he sometimes amazes himself as he still believes that his best is yet to come. Encouraging his fellow musicians Phuthego said his biggest observation and wholesome truth is that someone should do it because they love it and nothing else because then if the output and product is of high quality sustainability on the market is guaranteed and someone won't have to market themselves but rather their work will speak for them. As poetic as he always is, Phuthego said "maatlametlo a modisa ke go gorosa, ebile mokoka o sita wa Pula".

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