2016 Phone Book Cover celebrates Botswana

SHARE   |   Monday, 30 November 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Winner of the 2016 BTCL Phone Book cover, Mitchell Greenland [Center holding a book] being awarded a cheque Winner of the 2016 BTCL Phone Book cover, Mitchell Greenland [Center holding a book] being awarded a cheque

The Botswana Telecommunications 2016 cover has been revealed, and the artwork of 19-year-old student from Mackenzie High School in Francistown is the one that will be in every household or office that will have BTC 2016 phone book. What is striking even more is the dedication and commitment that Mitchell Greenland has shown. For three years he has entered the competition with the hope to have his artwork on the cover. The first time he took was for the 2013 phone book cover competition and got position three, in 2014 he got position two and this year he ultimately emerged the winner. He did not take part in the 2015 competition.
Greenland walked away with a prize money of P80 000. He had a very detailed art piece with contrasts that easily drew admiration. Even before the winner was announced from the top 10, some people had already chosen it as the winning piece. He said that that he had always had the idea for a long time, which is to depict Botswana from independence to today in one artwork. In his piece there is a map of Africa, which then shows Botswana highlighted in blue and also a woman. According to Greenland, the woman embodies what Africa is all about. “I wanted to summarise the great story of Botswana into one piece, which is kind of a timeline,” he said. This can be seen by the use of the telephone that was used in the 1960s in his artwork, and how BTC has progressed to become the telecommunications giant that it is now.
Greenland said he wanted to show that there is no other place like Botswana, and even though other countries like South Africa might be successful, they don’t have the peace, tranquillity and progress that Botswana has. According to him, Botswana is the best country in Africa. Deputy Chairperson for BTCL Foundation Baagi Mmereki said they are happy to support visual arts in Botswana. He said they want to expose the young people to the international market through their craft and as such shape young Batswana artists’ careers. Aobakwe Letang (16) from Lotsane Senior Secondary got position two and walked away with P60 000  while position three went to ABM university student Soft Matshwaro, who walked away with P50 000.

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