The exquisite Cigar Lounge

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 15 December 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Cigar Lounge Cigar Lounge

This is an exclusive hangout spot for the city’s elites. Located at the elites’ suburb of Phakalane, here patrons relax to the joyful puffs of cigars and exclusive whiskies. The place starts operating from Wednesday, with increasing customers towards the weekend. The VIP lounge sets the place apart – here the affluent indulge without any disturbance, sampling only the best on offer. The place is managed by the energetic Siku Siku who makes sure that his clientele receive the best service. The lounge celebrated its one-year anniversary last weekend. In reflecting Siku believes they would have grown far much better if they did not have challenges with the closing time and the alcohol levy. They have the basic clientele, but they also keep on having new customers every week.

Cigar Lounge is not really a club, but rather it is where people can just come together, sit, and enjoy their drinks and cigars. Siku said their clientele consists mostly of urban youth, which in this case he referred to people from the ages of 19 even up to 50. The patrons come out sassy and classy all the time. “That filters us from the whole crowd that is not supposed to be there in the first place because of the dress code,” he said. Siku said they want people to dress in a way that they want to be addressed but not to mean that they are very strict. He said smart casual is the key thing with no shorts, no flip flops and no caps, but that is strictly enforced on Fridays and Saturdays while on Wednesdays and Thursdays it is just laid back. Cigars make the place inimitable, and Siku said even though they are not popular amongst Batswana, some are beginning to embrace them.


They are able to cater for people that come from countries where cigars are a culture and some Batswana who even got accustomed to them when they were overseas. “Cigars are part of the goods that we provide here and we have all kinds of cigars from the cheaper to the rarest cigars,” he said, noting that to them cigars are a hobby and a lifestyle. He said even though Batswana are into ciders and larger, they also have the few that just do whiskies and cigars. While someone might pay about P20 for a pack of cigarettes, the cheapest cigar at Cigar Lounge is about P300 while they have ranges that are even more expensive. It is the process of making cigars that distinguishes them from any other tobacco. Tobacco leaves are harvested and aged for between 25 and 45 days and then fermented where the flavour, burning and aroma are primarily brought out in the leaf to make a cigar.  At the place it is always about the allure, attractive people and buoyant music and cigar smoke. The place offers quite a very mature and classy ambiance.

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