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Thirsty Thursdays for style butterflies

SHARE   |   Monday, 11 January 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Thirsty Thursdays for style butterflies

To some people it might be a hobby to look good, other wear clothes to just cover themselves while for others it goes with uniqueness. Creative Consultant and Fashion Entrepreneur Edward Masukudu will be hosting monthly event called ‘I Cause Traffic Thirsty Thursdays’ at a newly opened coffee shop in Molepolole. He chose Molepolole as a place to do that for his patrons to get a good drive and evening out for from Gaborone or elsewhere.

He said the aim of the event is to engage, connect and network as fashion designers, models, artists, DJs, CEOS, managers, developers, motivational speakers and community leaders because one way or the other they are always part of the social circle. “We want to use the platform to encourage, learn and advice on how people can change their ideas, hobbies and strength into a commercial success. The first event will be on January 28 and costs P50 as registration fee for someone who wants to be part of the fashion savvy and the event will start from 6pm to 10pm.

Masukudu said the event is a good platform for people to come and network. “No more Eddie give me so and so’s number or link me up, but this is the time for people to come and network,” he said. He promised that the mini-catch up event will be edifying and enlightening to a lot of skills like personal branding, good networking skills and public relations. He urged social butterfly wannabes to come so that they can be the bees that will fly and make some honey.