Your face-first line defence

SHARE   |   Sunday, 20 July 2014   |   By Ontametse Sugar

With the world now too obsessed about how we look and staying young forever, we have seen a tremendous growth in the beauty and cosmetic trade because everyone is in the business of looking good. Nowadays when we talk about facials it is not only about women going to the spas and getting their faces cleaned up. We also see men who have taken into account that they too need to look great. There are advanced facial therapies like chemical peel, microdermabrasion, micro dual peeling and manual lymphatic drainage massage among others, but normally the go to facial that beauty therapist Boka Motsamai says her customers always go for is deep cleansing.

“Normally what we do here and what most people come for is the deep cleansing which can cater for all skin types. We firstly look at the sensitivity of the skin in order to know what kind of products to use for a certain individual, and mostly for skin that is too sensitive we use organic products- which mostly consist of food, Motsamai,” said.


She mentioned that they also do organic masks like the use of the avocadoes and lemon juice, something that one can do for themselves at home if they don’t want to go to a beauty parlour to do the facial or if they cannot afford one.

Motsamai urged that both males and females should make sure that they do facials especially those who have problem skins in order to improve skin hydration, the skin tone and even wrinkles.
“Both men and women, especially men should shun the stereotype that facials are for women only and men who are not masculine enough. Every skin needs moisture and facials can help a lot in winter because the skin is dry, so you will be making it soft and protecting it from the harsh weather, while in summer facials are necessary because now that it is hot, the skin becomes too oily which leads to a lot of breakouts,” she added.


She added that it is remarkable how Batswana are appreciating the facials and understanding what they can do for their skin. She said that they mostly get customers who are going for weddings and other events in which they want to look flawless and radiant. The skin needs a certain amount of oil to stay waterproof and resistant to infection, because too little oil then you will  have dry skin while too much oil you have an oil slick skin and probably acne.

Motsamai advised that people should put into consideration that their skin is the first line of defence against all those disturbing microorganisms like wind, pollution and sunlight, thus the need for a good face care regime to bring the skin to where it is supposed to be.


She says that there is no reason why individuals shouldn’t pamper themselves at home as long as they have the right ingredients to use, even though it is more pampering to have somebody do it for you. She clarified that sometimes depending on the condition of the skin somebody will need more regular professional help in order to deal with their skin conditions, because without knowledge they can make the skin problems worse and cause infections.

“There is no way to know how many treatments you will need or how often you will need them without actually having somebody examine your skin to know which treatment might be suitable for you.”


The beauty therapist made known that it is worth stating to distinguish that on top of the temporary benefits of instant glowing skin, facials can rejuvenate the skin depending on environment, diet and other skin care factors.

Ayanda Kegope who is a regular in treating herself to a facial therapy mentioned that normally she does facials every month since her face is very oily and also has a problem with acne. She noted that the facials help her a lot and it makes her problem skin to look better and bright.


“I also do facials to avoid putting on too much makeup, because after the facials my face becomes bright and there is always no need for me to put on makeup. I don’t like make up like most girls because I don’t think it suits me well, so facials are my essential.”

Motsamai said with that women should opt for facials to open up their pores and rejuvenate their tissues especially for those who are always on heavy makeup in order to have even good looking skin without the need to cover it too much with foundations.

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