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The latest fashion trends in Botswana The latest fashion trends in Botswana

Haute couture has always held sway among womenfolk and youth. However this does not mean that others are not interested in fashionable dress. It is just that the most experimental, who are brave enough to explore and put on attire that could otherwise raise eyebrows are mostly young people and women.

Fashion shows are usually used to invite the roving eye of the fashion lover to get to see what is on offer that season or at a particular time. Recently, one of the fashion critics told a male journalist who had verbalised his lack of interest in fashion shows, that “everyone is affected by fashion. We dress up in clothes and these clothes are designed by fashion designers.”

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Last weekend, Boipuso Hall was full to capacity as people had come in large numbers to give audience to a fashion show organised as part of The President’s Day celebrations. Various fashion designers did their best and models came to the ramp and showcased what proved that indeed Botswana is made up highly talented people. With great lighting, a well prepared ramp and all the other designs in the hall; added to all that, the great models turned Boipuso Hall into a mesmerising fashion venue. It was a night of fun as people had braved the biting cold to come and watch the fashion show.

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