Son of the Soil is back

SHARE   |   Monday, 18 January 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
 A COLORFULL AFFAIR; Past Son of the Soil A COLORFULL AFFAIR; Past Son of the Soil

The annual Son of the Soil kicks off with a workshop on January 22, 2016. The workshop will be called Pitsong Workshop. One of the organisers of the event Pontsho Pusoetsile of Bana ba Mmala has promised one of the best cultural events this country has seen, with a cultural workshop added to the series to enhance value. The main event under the theme ‘Ke Motswana’ takes place on January 29 – 31 at Serokolwane lawns. 


Son of the Soil always attracts people from different cultures, with patrons mostly slaying in their cultural outfits. Traditional food is always served ranging from magwinya, serobe, motogo and traditional brews among others.  This is always the best time to learn about the Setswana culture and the brews. People get a chance to ride the donkey carts and learn how to play traditional games like morabaraba and many others. There are also choirs’ during the day and a bonfire for telling stories.

Pusoetsile said the celebration should be what makes Batswana proud to say they are Batswana. “There will also be national colour themed giveaways and people should expect the best that it always is,” he said. The Saturday event is the one that usually attracts many people, where no one is allowed to enter with jeans or any piece that does not resemble culture. Pusoetsile advised that as usual families should come together both young and old in order to enjoy the day. Tickets for the event cost P250.

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