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SHARE   |   Monday, 25 January 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Laser skin treatment Laser skin treatment

Beauty has become quite a phenomenon and a craze for Batswana just like in the rest of the world. The Arts of Laser Beauty Spa’s clientele is growing every month.  Their Cosmetologist, who just goes by the name Elena, said “It is no longer about rich people or television stars, but everyone just wants to look good”. Their spa is one stop shop for anyone that wants any services in the beauty. They cater for both African and Caucasian hair and even the products that they use in beauty vary according to whether the skin is light or dark. She said they make sure that they look for the latest updates and trends in beauty so that they can be able to cater such to their clients.

Among the services that they offer are the different facials, with thorough consultation done before any treatment. They do permanent hair removals; have hair care products designed for African hair, removal of moles and warts, laser treatments and even permanent makeup procedures. She said it is amazing that now the majority of their clients are young Batswana ladies, because before then their biggest clientele was mostly made of Indians. She said what makes their service unique is that they are affiliated to big brands in Europe where they get their supplies.

She said that it has not been very easy to get qualified professionals that are Batswana and hence they had to take the few locals they hired to train them abroad. They also offer one of the services for removing cellulite, called Vela Smooth. According to Elena, they are not just a regular spa because they work hand in hand with doctors to address problems of their clients. She said they have seen an influx of customers who want to look flawless. Elena said since Botswana is very hot, dusty and with pollution, many people have skin problems.

One of the top beauticians at the spa Rodah Ndlovu said that the reason why many Batswana suffer from many problems that the older generations did not suffer is because this generation has abandoned the traditional methods. She gave an example of the fact that ‘letsoku’ that has properties to take care of the skin and that is why their parents had beautiful skins. “They rely mostly on things that they buy from the shops which end up making their skin bad,” she said. She said elders used to press themselves with a hot cloth to massage and ensure better flow of blood.

She revealed that they will be receiving a skin scan that can detect any problems of the skin and even skin cancer next month. According to Ndlovu, it is quite shocking to see many young people also having stretch marks, something that the elders do not have. Mbulelo Thongola, who is also part of the management, added that even though they operate in an unregulated business, they make sure that their products are tested. “Now everyone is putting emphasis on lifestyle and we want to make sure that they are using the right products,” he said.

Soon they will be bringing the permanent 3D eyebrow treatment to Botswana and hair implants in order to help those that are losing hair but still want to look good with the hair. He guaranteed that their services are the best, and going through their Facebook page the clients that have been there were mostly boasting g about how their services changed them tremendously.