Recycled decor

SHARE   |   Monday, 01 February 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Decor made from recycled material Decor made from recycled material

Thato ‘Tido’ Masebo had a day job, but she quit it in order to focus on making home decorations when the demand for her products picked. She now runs a company called Tido’s Décor Pty Ltd.  Her first project was when she made ottomans out of tyres, side drawers and wine tables. She then realised that it was not beneficial, and that was why she decided to come up with something new and exclusive. She then started using tins and wine bottles. After reading an article from the United Kingdom about the importance of recycling, she got even more interested in doing that.

“That person was recycling tyres doing bags and other staff, so I then realised that there is more that can be done out of recycled material,” she said. She also read about a company that was making glasses out of wine bottles, and then since she did not have a glass cutter, she decided to take tomato sauce bottles and see what she can do with them. She started decorating them and posted on Facebook not for business but people took them seriously and fell in love with them. Orders started streaming in. At the time, she was still working. The orders increased too fast, making it difficult for her to do her day time job well.  She took a bold move and quit her job.

December proved to be a highly profitable month as she had to design many personalised gifts from customised wine glasses to luxury bags. People continued falling in love with her products - souvenirs with memories to cherish forever. At the moment she is exploring the décor world by collecting vintage cups, kettles and other utensils. “I am collecting crafty products that people have moved away from, and I am trying to bring them back, and that also is fascinating people,” she said. She has never been an artist, but it was just her love for beautiful things and adventure that led her into doing what she does.

Whenever she showcases her products, they get sold out, and most of her clients are not Batswana. Tido said she wants to end up setting up a gift shop in a place where there is a good influx of tourists because they have proven to be the best buyers of her décor. Her creations are all handmade, and some local restaurants have shown great interest in it. “It is all about recycling and vintage pieces, I want to be different, I repurpose and rescale,” she said.