Special treat

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 01 March 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
The couple winners at the Cape of Good Hope The couple winners at the Cape of Good Hope

Winner of the FNB Swipe n Win competition recently had the joy of his life when he, together with his wife, got a royal treatment in Cape Town.   Writes ONTAMETSE SUGAR
When Melvyn Pensee-Arnold won a swipe and win competition from FNB late last year he was offered an experience of a lifetime – a holiday to Cape Town. He was being rewarded for using his card to swipe other than using cash. Up to that point he had never won anything in his life and when he was told that he was among the finalists in the competition; he didn’t think he would win. He was overjoyed by news that he had won. The holiday on offer was for two – his wife of 20 years Chairmaine was a natural choice. The holiday came at a great time for them. They dubbed it ‘the honeymoon’. Even though they had been to Cape Town before, this particular experience was awesome and fulfilling. Melvyn said that it was different because they did not have to worry about the budget and where to go because everything was planned for them. “They have raised a bar for me of what a paid holiday trip is like, and I will always measure every competition with that,” he said.

Their royal treatment started at the VIP Nthula Lounge at the Airport. Every of their needs were taken care of. In the first day they went to Bloomberg beach. Melvyn said the water there is very white, and for the first time they got to experience very cold beach water. Charmaine referred to the trip as a very romantic getaway that they so much needed in order to rekindle their love flame. She also enjoyed the beautiful sunset and appreciated more how beautiful Africa is. Melvyn also said that their first day set the standard of how the holiday was to be, and it was all extravagant. They were also taken to District Six where they got to learn more about racism. He said they got to appreciate Botswana even more for the calmness and unity when it comes to race relations. They also got to see the cell that Nelson Mandela lived in.  

With love and happiness oozing, the couple revealed that they have rekindled their romance and established a private quality time. Charmaine said as parents it was very refreshing for those five days to wake up and not have to worry about anything. She said since they came back from their ‘honeymoon’ a lot has changed because they got refreshed. Melvyn appreciated the holiday because six months back they were not as excited and cheerful as they are now. The time that they got with each other helped them rekindle all that and made them understand why they got married in the first place. “Just like a garden, if flowers are not watered they wilt, so does a marriage. It needs watering now and then, and FNB gave us the watering and cultivation we needed,” he said. The kind of holiday that they got from FNB showed them that indeed every couple needs to go on a little paradise of its own now and then.