Agora’s exclusivity

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 01 March 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Dr Rankgaone Pono at her Boutigue Dr Rankgaone Pono at her Boutigue

Nowadays going to the office is not only about putting on a skirt and a blouse or a shirt and a trouser, people take their time to make sure that they look stylish even at their workplaces. Both men and women have embraced the need to be stylish and unique. Dr Goabaone Rankgoane–Pono has established a professional wear outlet called Agora and Gaborone’s elites are embracing it even though it was only established last year. Being a doctor by profession it is quite surprising that she found interest in fashion. But she insisted that her strong passion for good clothes and style drove her to set the shop, defying the belief that doctors are nerds who barely get excited about fashion. The shop is called Agora, which means the market place.

“We wanted to provide Batswana with clothes that are fashion forward,” she said, adding that they wanted something that was different from the usual clothes that almost everyone wears to office. She said they realised that people always want something that is unique. They have slim fit suits for men, which can other be in three pieces, single sledge and double sledge and many accessories. Pono said what makes them unique is also the fact that they cater for all professions, be it doctors, lawyers, but still with outfits that will make them look very stylish. She said that it also surprised her that most of her clients are men. Lay-byes are allowed. 

Men who visit the shop always take their time to pick and fit what they like. One customer said that he always comes to Agora because he knows that he will be the only one wearing that in the city. “I never see the clothes that I buy here anywhere, and this has just made me to love shopping because it is not crowded but rather just too personal,” he said. He giggled that it also makes him happy to see stars wearing the similar outfits that he bought from Agora on TV. Pono highlighted that it is important for people to get good pieces that will make them feel good when at work which will definitely enhance their performance. The shop is located at Molapo Piazza.