Young artists’ exhibit

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 08 March 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar

Seven young artists’ work is currently on display at the Thapong Visual arts and Performing Centre. One of the artists said having only seven of them exhibiting at the moment it shows that other young people are not working hard enough. He said he fell in love with art at a very young age. He mostly works with the brush, painting with many bright colours. He goes by the name Frank De Painter. 

He said art is what he has always been doing, and seven years ago he went professional. He has never been to an office to work for anyone – art is what he has always believed he can make a living and a career out of. He said his work is mostly inspired by the people around him. “I want people to see my work and relate to it in regard to their lives,” he said. He had artworks like the one dubbed ‘Down the Memory lane’ where he painted a picture of himself when he was young, his mother, Nelson Mandela, his baby sitter and that of Martin Luther King. He said with the artworks that he made it is very clear that his objects are people who inspire him on a day to day basis. 

He said he wants to get at a point where he becomes a signature, because he would not have to paint as much as he does now but rather do a few pieces that will garner him a lot of money. He said being an artist is always about finding a niche in the market of creativity, and he has learnt a lot from the artists before him and used their shortfalls to make his art better. He said Batswana should support the art and begin seeing art pieces as investment works. One of the artists exhibiting is Emmanuel Senamolela. He has been a ceramist since 2003 and has worked with people living with a disability in Camphill Motse wa Badiri until 2007. Senamolela taught art at Camphill and in 2007 he went to explore his ceramist and pottery skills in the United Kingdom, though still working with the disabled. “In the United Kingdom I upgraded my skills to learn more about ceramics where I started doing slip casting,” he said. He has his own ceramics studio in Kopong where he holds workshops for teachers teaching art and even the students.