Corporate beauty

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 15 March 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
STYLISH; Moipone Lopang, Stanlib MD STYLISH; Moipone Lopang, Stanlib MD

Women at different stages appreciate makeup and beauty. Makeup artists constantly advise on appropriate make up depending on occasion and time of day. Makeup artist Lesego Kgakwana said one problem that most women face is how to do make up for a corporate setting because the makeup can never be similar to the one when you are going out at night. Eyes, cheeks minimal touch. She said that most people tend to overlook that looking proficient and professional is very important and shimmering eyeliners have to be put behind when going to work. “The face does not really have to be basic, but a natural look should be the goal when doing makeup for a corporate setting,” she said. She said that it important that the makeup is of low upkeep. She said everything that is done to the eyes and cheeks should be minimalistic.

Hairstyles – No pink hair!
Hairdresser Rejoice Kaisara said hairstyles also say a lot about women especially in a corporate environment, because not every hairstyle is a good enough. She said how someone’s hair is made will either present them as rough or sweet to another person. “Even though most people would flinch at the thought of switching their hairstyles, they are not supposed to be too boring just because they want to look corporate. They should still be stylish,” she said, adding that the styles that people working in corporate events prefer are cornrows, bob cut, styled natural hair, braids or either weaves with reserved colour tones. She said even though she works in the creative arts, she is aware that she cannot do any hairstyles to her corporate clients. “Just imagine an officer with pink hair, would anyone take them seriously – NO!” she said.

Dress sense
Fashion enthusiast and beauty therapist Trish Seboni said that the most important thing about a corporate environment for a full figured woman like her is to dress in an appropriate manner and not try to compete with skinny people because it always make them look awful. She said that as a full figured woman she always makes sure that she dresses in a way that she doesn’t expose any part of her body. Seboni said that because she knows that she has cellulite and love handles, she dresses in a way that would not show such. “I don’t dress because something is in fashion but I dress because something suits me,” Seboni said. She said there is no how someone’s look will be complete without makeup. She urged women to wear less in a corporate environment. She said that there is no need to go overboard with it unless someone wants to look like a drawing board. She said looking elegant and natural is what is important in the whole look. Seboni said females should know that beauty radiates from within, which makes it important that they get facials sometimes and also eat well, drink water and exercise more. “It takes a lot of things for somebody to look good; you have to know how to dress for every event because it is different. People should not mix the occasions and full figured people should stop putting themselves in very tight clothes. They shouldn’t even wear too baggy clothes but rather the right size,” she insisted.

She said that at the end of the day it is always important for women to adorn a breath of fresh air and be confident with who they are and their imperfect bodies, affirming that she is a true example of confidence.