Business analyst

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 15 March 2016   |   By Keitebe Kgosikebatho
Business analyst

One might ask – what does a business analyst do in a mining outfit? To get the answer one simply has to track Tiyapo Macha and see what makes her day’s work. A mechanical engineer by training and profession, Macha – married mother of one – works as a business analyst for the country’s leading mining company.
This position, some may argue, falls far from the kind of job mechanical engineers are trained to do.  However, this confident go-getter explains that her training and experience in fact makes her one of the most suitable and qualified persons for the job hence Debswana saw it fit to hire her back in 2012 as a Cost analyst – a position which required her to do estimating, cost analysis and cost control for Debswana projects.  Before joining Debswana Macha had worked as a mechanical engineer for a Portuguese company called Delphi. She was stationed in Portugal and had to switch between Portugal and Romania.

Upon returning to Botswana, she worked for a company called AR Edwards and Associates, as an electrical and mechanic consultant under the construction department for five years. This position, she says, basically shaped her career as it enabled her to work across board and gave her the opportunity to conduct various tasks for the company including finance related. As a business analyst for Debswana, Macha states that her mechanical engineering background is core to getting most things right. As a woman who has so far changed careers three times, Macha implores other women especially those aspiring to break into the field to consider engineering as an option. According to Macha, contrary to belief one can basically be in any sector she wants to be when they have an engineering qualification, the only difference being the specifications of the job one is hired to do. As the only lady in in this role, Macha says, she is proof that her employer is making efforts to get women involved in the mining sector and have trust in their capabilities.