Festival for Shoshong

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 22 March 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar

With the government funding activities that promote the preservation of culture for the future heritage, many activities are coming up. One of these activities is the Ko Moraka Cultural Festival that is set for Shoshong and organised by Tony Petros. He said the event will activities like born fire, exhibitions, and performing arts. Free internet will be availed to help the corporate entities in attendance. He said that they have made a thorough research before choosing Shoshong as the venue.

“This is a carefully calculated festival and we have got no doubt it would be powerful considering the history of Shoshong that many Batswana should be interested to go and learn more about,” he said. Petros said they will be more on cultural tourism and domestic culture. He said though many people think the name Shoshong comes from the Setswana word Swasweng - meaning the place of the Leswawa tree - that is not the case. Rev Hepburn suggested in 1895 that the name derives from the water source Leshosho which flows into the valley. He said with this year’s event being the inaugural one as Botswana turns 50 they will host the event annually in Shoshong even after this year.

He said they have partnered with companies like Debonairs Pizza Kgale, LEAD, ThomCham Engineering, Poetipella Africa Promotions and Botswana Youth Music Hub. Moatlhodi Mabengane – the promoter of the event – said that they are committed to make the event a success. Keneilwe Thapisang, who leads most youth activities in Shoshong, not heard about the event when quizzed. “I hope they are not coming here only to make money out of Shoshong village and its history but I hope it will have long term outcomes that will help in the development of this great historical village,” she said.