Tshepo Lesole: Top notch producer 

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 22 March 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Tshepo Lesole: Top notch producer 

He is currently one of the best producers in the country. Name any local music heavy weight and Tshepo Lesole would have been their producer. Be it Punah Gabasiane, Socca Moruakgomo, Scar, Mapetla, THABO, Benson Phuthego, Lizibo, Vee and many others. He is currently producing for the local Kwaito hit group MMP Family. Lesole sings gospel and puts God forward in everything that he does. He is a very reserved person. Born to now retired pastors in Kanye, he dignifies God in all his engagements. He grew up mostly in church and started by singing for the church choir. His first album came out in 2002. 

Turning point 

It was in 2005 that he met a man who inspired him and as such mentored him to be able to fall in love with producing. “I had a heart for it before I met him, and I worked with him until 2008 when I started my own production,” he said. On how he manages to produce for people that sing quite different genres Lesole said all the artists that come to him respect what he believes in – they only bring songs with positive lyrics for him to produce for them. He appreciated the artists’ sensitivity in picking songs for him to produce. 


His songs have an RnB feel to them. He said one thing that makes him to keep producing high quality work is that he puts so much energy in whatever that he does. “I am too much of a critique to myself and I take time perfecting things too much where everything that I do takes time, and that is why they come up the way they are,” he said. Every day he starts his day with a prayer and then gets to check everything that is happening on social media as he readies for his day. 


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He said even though it might seem all smooth in his life, just like in any industry there are always challenges. He, for example, has to keep up with the technology advancements as a producer. He said one big challenge that they face is that of piracy. He said he has realised that people lack knowledge on the issue because they can even ask for songs from them. 

Family & accolades  

His family is one of the biggest pillars that he has. He makes sure that he stays humble throughout his journey, and he owes gratitude to his parents who have always made sure that he is grounded. He is a father who in the morning has to help in getting his child ready for school. Naturally he is a reserved person, which is totally an opposite of the people that he hangs around with. It always humbles him to see people appreciating his work and offering accolades for the work well done. Lesole said it is important for people to understand that every other person got a path that they have to take other than the normal one that is expected of everyone which is that of birth, school, house, marriage and kids. He said only God knows someone‘s purpose and that was one thing that he has also learnt about his life. Other greatest moments of his life was when he shared the stage with some of the biggest global artists in gospel like South African gospel magnate Benjamin Dube and USA’s Juanita Bynum. 

Fifth album on the way

He said there is nothing different that he does to relax because music to him is his passion and fun. In a year he produces many albums - he has lost count of the albums that he has produced. He has four of his own albums so far, and is working on the fifth. In all the songs that he has made there are two songs that are dear to him and which means everything to him. That is his song ‘Nkabo Ke Le Kae’ where he gets to acknowledge where he would have been if it wasn’t for God. “Had it not been for the mercy and favour of God I wonder where I will be,” he said. The other one is ‘Use Me’, which talks about someone discovering their purpose. He said the support he has been getting from Batswana has been very overwhelming. He can’t even wait to release his next album which is almost done. One of the artists that he would love to work with is Jonathan Butler – a South African based in the USA because despite going to stay there he still got stuck to the African texture in his music. He said locally he is blessed to have worked with everyone that he wanted to work with. At the moment he will be doing a song with vocalist Franklyn. He said it is important for one to discover their talent and work on it to perfection.