Ester Holidays & your music stars

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 30 March 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Ester Holidays & your music stars

Even though some people will be at churches celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, local musicians will be busy entertaining their hordes of followers. ONTAMETSE SUGAR looks at some of the big acts.

One of the local hip hop and motswako favourite Mosako will be performing in Ramotswa on Saturday. He referred to the Easter Holidays as very important holidays that honour what Jesus did for everyone in order for people to be re united with God the Father. He said they should understand that when Jesus said “it is done”, that alone gave them the freedom and power to be whoever they want to be. According to him, celebrating Easter Holidays do not only mean going to church but rather this is the time for people to show love in different ways to those around them.

Odirile ‘Vee’ Sento
Botswana’s superstar Odirile ‘Vee’ Sento referred to the Easter Holidays as the most important holidays in his life. He said Easter Holidays is the time for everyone to appreciate God for what He has done. “I really celebrate them and I will be attending a conference in church,” he said. He also performed at the BOT50 pre-independence bash at Serokolwane Lawns on Thursday. Vee said this is the time to celebrate and thank God. He encouraged people to make sure that they accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour because there is no other way than that of Christ.

Kearoma Rantao
The sassy jazz songstress Kearoma Rantao will not be performing this Easter Holidays but will rather be spending time with her family. Rantao said it is time that Batswana shift from thinking that holidays are for spending money and doing all sorts of things, but rather should know that holidays can be used as time to be with family. “

Modiri ‘Mod’ Nage
1/3 of Kwaito hit group MMP Family Modiri Nage said the only show that they had this Easter holidays is the BOT50 pre celebration bash. He said that since they do not have many shows these Easter Holidays they will be using that time to be at the studio as they are working on their next album. He said most importantly they will make time to go to church more because they are not too busy. He said it is important not to forget the prize that Jesus paid for everyone to be able to gain their freedom. “This is about God and in whatever celebrations people should not forget about God,” he said.