Chyna – most sought after fitness trainer

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 30 March 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Most sought after fitness trainer, Chyna Most sought after fitness trainer, Chyna

When it comes to fitness and health he needs no introduction. The ladies want to be with him while the men want to be like him. There is nothing stopping Tshephang Chyna Mokaila. Writes ONTAMETSE SUGAR

Chyna Mokaila is a fitness trainer of note. He is a sports conditioner, personal trainer, fitness group trainer, kata-boo trainer, and has a morning fitness slot on Btv. He is a proud holder of a Bachelor of Commerce degree. He works from the elegant Virgin Active.

How it started
His love for fitness started from a very young age since his dad was a sports fanatic who played for Township Rollers, played karate and boxing. Having to watch his father doing all these at trainings, Chyna’s interest in sport grew. He started karate at the age of 12 and took it seriously until senior school. He became a regular in the karate national team. He got more into fitness when he finished Form 5. As he waited for his results a lady called Florence Radiswenya who had a gym in Lobatse invited him to the gym. When one of their participants got injured, there was one spot that Chyna was asked if he could fill. “I gave it a try. I started from being nobody to being the showstopper instantly,” he said. They went to the competitions and they got position one. Radiswenya then told him that there was something special with him, and she enrolled her for a fitness group training course with a fitness academy from Australia and that is where he got his qualification as a group fitness trainer.

Rollers’ fitness coach
He also got drawn to personal training and enrolled with NFPT from USA which enabled him to get his qualification as a fitness trainer. His love for karate and sports led him into doing sports conditioning. He has done sports conditioning with the national karate team and is currently the fitness coach for Township Rollers. He is doing all these under his club Ultimate fitness.  His love for karate made him to come up with a movement called Chyna’s Kataboo – one of the biggest fitness activities that people look up to, not only in Botswana but around Southern Africa.  He normally has 500 people taking part in the programme at every given time. “I quit karate because I had a bad injury, and this was a way of continuing doing what I love,” he said.  Chyna’s Kataboo is choreography of karate defense moves put into a full body workout.

Virgin came knocking
Everything is going on so well for him at the moment. He gets to travel around Southern Africa promoting and going for fitness conferences. Being a man that lives fitness, he basically does not have much of a social life. He wakes up at 4am because his first group of clients is in at 5am and then undertakes personal fitness training before Rollers players. He then goes back to the gym to deal with his personal fitness clients. His last engagement for the day is with a group at 530pm at Virgin Active. When others try so hard to dedicate just one hour of their time for the gym, for Chyna it is a way of life. He attributes passion to his success. Virgin Active did not think twice about engaging him to train their clients who are mostly corporate and select. He said that there is nothing that is fulfilling than to be with a client and see them transform their bodies and achieving their goals because that normally brings so much happiness to them. Chyna said he prefers to be step ahead in the trade because fitness is an ever evolving industry. He has always seen himself as a trainer and a motivator, and right now he can’t find anything better to do than to be in fitness.

Women’s attention
He doesn’t deny that he gets a lot of attention from women, but he does not let that get into his head because he makes sure that he stays composed all the time. He advised people to take fitness seriously by engaging in many physical activities to activate their bodies to deal with the silent killers and reduce their levels of cholesterols. Most of his clients are fat loss ones, arising primarily from the sedentary lifestyle that most Batswana live. He said people should be aware that non-communicable diseases are killing people now and that is why health should be a priority in anyone’s life.
He said people should control what they eat.  People, he said should learn how to live a clean life to avoid getting overweight, which leads to loss of confidence and zeal at work. “Let’s make fitness a lifestyle and do it every day. That is the only way we can be a healthy nation, and our children can learn a lot from that. Stay away from fad diets and extreme dieting, but live a life that you can sustain,” he said. His biggest achievement at the moment is managing to get the franchise for fitness and health school in Botswana. He is awaiting approval of the Botswana Qualification Authority (BQA) in order to get the accreditation. He has also made Chyna’s Kataboo international.