Thapong hosts exhibition

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 12 April 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Moses Maaramele's art piece at the Thapong Arts Centre Moses Maaramele's art piece at the Thapong Arts Centre

Thapong Visual Arts Centre is currently hosting an exhibition for two local artists Qaeqao Moses Maaramele and Danniela Lourenco. The theme of their works is the indigenous world. Their works depict the natural beauty of birds, animals, and places. Maaramele’s work celebrates the animals and birds and emphasises their emotions. Lourenco’s work focuses on creating a dialogue within each piece with some images darker to emphasise the hardships and emotional parts of the world that are ignored. Maaramele has been doing art his entire life, having worked mostly with the Kuru Development Trust. He left later to be his own man. His interaction with various animals as a herd boy when growing up inspired his creations.

“I spent so much time getting to know animals and birds and differentiating them,” he said. He liked playing with animals a lot, but he never thought they will influence his life so much to make a living out of.  His career kicked off in 1994 and he has never looked back. It is now a vocation that takes care of him very well. He said Batswana are buying art though they still need to taught more about its meaning. “Most of them want to buy art just for decoration, they do not realise that they might actually be making an investment because artworks appreciate,” he said. He has been to many countries around the world where his work was greatly appreciated. He did not go to any school for art. For him, it is all about imagination.