Yet another Rantao – Lorato!

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 12 April 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
TALENTED; Lorato Rantao TALENTED; Lorato Rantao

For a new artist, she is doing very well – scoring big gigs. No wonder she is doing well, she learnt from the best at home. Lorato Rantao is the younger sister to the sassy songstress Kearoma Rantao. They are born to a family of musicians, having been inspired by their mother. Lorato has found herself in a difficult space of fielding interviews and doing all the best to avoid mimicking her big sister. “Many people always think I want to copy Kearoma but we grew up together doing music in church and I was part of the church choir and even the school choir,” she said.

She said there is nothing that she can say that is different because they were raised the same way and shared same inspirations. The 26-year-old said singing was not something that she thought she could make a career out of. That why she went to school to study. But her sister Kearoma insisted that she pursued music, assuring her that she has what it takes. Upon completion of her Form 5 she entered the My African Dream Competition and ended up in Top 7. Now she has realised that music is something that she wants to do. She has backed up many artists including Helen Dikobe, Punah Gabasiane, Nono, Eugene Jackson, Shanti Lo and Nnunu. 

She has now signed up for Bang Gae to bring something different to their studio even though they do hip hop. She won’t be doing jazz as her big sister though her voice is well suited for it. Afro house is one of her options. She said so far things are going well for her. She said even though she wants to perform outside Botswana she still wants to explore the local market and build her brand first.